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Sorry that I haven't posted a journal anywhere in literally years but does anyone even really read this shit? My world is about the same as always, I'm fat now and can't find pants that fit. This is my life now.

Mostly did this just to post my twitter accounts on here. Since tumblr shit itself and banned porn stuff, I went and made an art-only twitter account to post my stuff to. Includes sketches that I never really upload to my art site accounts so if you're interested in that shit you can go ahead and follow that. If you like it when I shitpost about cum, follow my main twitter account. If you don't like either, then perish.

Art Account 18+ Only:
Main Twitter:

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9 August 2019 at 10:27:18 MDT

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    Already following you on Twitter. xP

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    I might follow those accounts if I were to develop a further appreciation of such kinky artwork. Please don't sue me. XD

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    I read. Journals are quite the source of entertainment and news sometimes.
    Hiya there. Thank you for sharing some news of yourself. Its still sad what happened to Tumblr.

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      heya! yeah its really irritated with tumblr really. was a good place to post doodles and what not, now everyones gone off to twitter which is just the worst for posting artwork, let alone anything ending up on anyone's feed because they keep screwing with that lately. and i dont wanna dump my individual sketches/doodles onto wzl/fa/etc. because id drive everybody insane with too much posting. so eh.

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        oh my gosh I hate they are all on twitter now. Like, as a watcher I see nothing of what anyone I'm watching posts. Even worse, Twitter only suggest to me their Likes and they are always nsfw content I don't like. It's such an awful place to be a watcher because I miss out on everything. A lot of the artists will only post on twitter, too. I'm honestly terrified of twitter one day dunking on artists real hard as well.

        I don't mind when artists post sketch dumps and doodles. Just as long as they space them out nicely. I sometimes get a two week queue of posting because of all the doodles I do.

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          i really really dont understand people only posting their art on twitter because it is bad for art. it resizes and compresses your images like crazy, it does crappy crop views of images on peoples timelines. theres no organization whatsoever. i also have a feeling theyre gonna do the same as tumblr and ban adult content completely at some point.

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            Im kinda 50/50 on the banning horny stuff mostly because I really hate how horny twitters don't credit artists until after they've squeezed the likes and retweets out of it