Fursona Telegram (and Discord) sticker Set(s) by RealZero

Just a little bit of self-promotion here, but hey, maybe it's also of use to you if you want to enrichen your chats with more stickers. :-D

But, yeah, to get to the point:

Over the last weeks awesome artist Carowouine created some Telegram stickers featuring my fursona, and will hopefully continue it in the future. In addition, I also created the set in the "Stickers for Discord" sticker bot.
So, if you feel like adding them, feel free to do so, I enjoy looking at the install statistics. :-D

Both following sets will be expanded in the future, several additions already in the works for the upcoming weeks, one by one, but at least some basic emotions and some silly stuff is already there.

"Save for work"-Set
This set features most-used "emotions", happy, sad, angry, etc., and some general activities, like having a shower, sunbathing, etc., and is, except some silly implications and a condom wrapper, save for work, so, no genitalia: Link

"Not save for work", adult Set
This set includes some "uncensored" variations from the SFW set (showering with visible genitalia) as well as some fitting "horny" moods and activities. So, it's certainly adults-only: Link

"Bryansutra" Set
This was created as kinda a spin-off of the NSFW-set: This one consists of Bryan and "YCH"-placeholder characters in various sexual positions and activities, so, yeah, kinda a Bryan-kamasutra thing. :-D
I will try to always include a gender-neutral YCH-character, like one is used from those, and a "female" one, with boobs shape and such. Well, except for those that explicitly NEED boobs, like...a boob-job one. :-D It's obviously adults-only: Link

SFW Set for Discord
With the Discord Bot "Stickers for Discord" you can also include the Stickers on your server. Due to their TOS it will only feature the SFW ones.
Also, important notice: I am in no way affiliated with the bot author(s) and have no clue how well maintained and woring everything is. All I know is that currently it works as it should: Link

So, yeah, that's it for now. As said, the packs will be expanded in the future, I'd love if you'd enjoy using those stickers as well and spread them if possible. :-)
If you have any ideas for important additions to the set, feel free to tell me, I might consider it for future additions, including your favourite positions or something for the "Kamasutra"-set. :-D

Of course, best wishes, thanks and credits go to Carowouine for creating the stickers.
Bryan is my intellectual property.
Don't use those for commercial purposes.


Fursona Telegram (and Discord) sticker Set(s)


2 August 2019 at 04:21:58 MDT

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