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MegaPlex 2019 Meme by TwilightSaint

Megaplex / Orlando, FL / 08AUG-11AUG2019 //

-Basic Convention Info-

-Where are you staying?
The main hotel! This will be my first time staying in this particular new hotel since I last attended Megaplex.

-What day are you getting there?
Wednesday evening.

-How are you traveling?
Wheels! Rocking ‘n rollin,’ baby.

-How long are you going?
Wednesday through Sunday, departing Monday. I need all that time to catch up with good pals!

-What is the best way to find you?
Keep an eye out for myself running around in fursuit! I’ll be bringing Sniper and Raze! I’ll be wearing badges for whichever suit I’m in at the time.
If nothing else works and you need to get a hold of me for something, (such as picking up a Badge Commission or a Print,) please note me here or send me a Direct Message on Twitter! ( ) Twitter is the best and quickest way of contact for me as I will receive mobile notifications.

-If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Shout out any combination of ‘TwilightSaint, Twilight, Saint,’ or the name of the fursuit I’m wearing at the time!
If I’m in suit, please get in front of me and into my field of vision so I can see you! While in suit and really performing in character, I tend to move very quickly and may not see you if you’re standing to the side or behind me. You can also tap me on the shoulder!
In addition, and if I’m busy at the moment or if you’re simply shy, feel free to approach my friend and handler with me! If you’re looking for a photograph or simply to say hi, my handlers are always amazing, dedicated folks, and will definitely get my attention for you, even if I’m in full raptor mode and killing somebody on the floor, hehe!

-Personal Info-

-What do you look like?
Just keep an eye out for one of my suits! I’ll be fursuiting pretty much at all times during the convention, exception being (what little) sleeping and scarfing down snacks as quickly as I can in my room… If only to make sure I have enough fuel to keep on fursuiting!

-What is your gender?
Snake Dad.

-How tall are you?
Average guy height. Actual factual.

-Can I talk to you?
Yes! Just forgive the sailor’s mouth.
Friendly reminder that I don’t talk in suit while acting in character, and I prefer not to hold long conversations while in suit due to it being hard to hear you, and I also don’t want to lose my voice by yelling so that you can hear me. So please, do not anticipate me to speak much while in fursuit.

-Can I touch you?
Hugs, yes! Taps on the shoulder to get my attention, yes! Nose boops, sure thing! (Seriously though, as long as you’re gentle about it.) Tackling me from my blind spot running top speed? No.

-Can I buy you drinks?
Yep! Only if it’s sealed or if I’m present while it’s being served. This also applies to water in the fursuit lounge or backstage at dance auditions/events.

-Can I give you food?
chants Chex Mix, Chex Mix, Chex Mix… pounds fists on table

-Can I give you stuff?
Sure, if you’d like! I appreciate trinkets and the like.

-Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hugs are fine, yes! Please make sure I’ve seen you, though! While in suit, I may not see you since my peripheral vision is blocked. Just move in front of me and wait for me to acknowledge that I see ya.

-Are you nice?
I can be…for Chex Mix. And souls. Souls work, too.

-Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
If there’s a group going somewhere, then sure! Please be advised, however, that my schedule at conventions is very dynamic and centered around Dance events! And while I am fursuiting, I have zero access to my phone and thus messages if you’re trying to reach me. While I sure do my best to meet up with folks, sometimes my schedule is very hectic and plans are made last-minute.

-Can I take your picture?
In suit, yes please! I loooove looking through con pictures and videos after conventions – such great memories! If you happen to take any, please link them to me or tag me on social media!

-Convention Plans-

-Are there any panels you might be attending?
Not really any panels in particular, at least in my current sights! However I’ll for sure be auditioning for the Dance Competition! I’ll also be attending the fursuit photoshoot and the fursuit parade.

-Will you be suiting?
Until this current body fizzles away in some magic black dust, and I can find the ingredients to create a new body and just continue freaking fursuiting. Only I can fursuit forever…

-What suit(s) is/are you bringing?
Sniper, the Kestrel King, and Raze, your Raptor Boyfriend! >;)

-Do you have an artist table?
Nope! Wanna Commission me? Keep an eye out for my Journals and Twitter updates instead!

-Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
Running between panels and dance events, and suiting absolutely everywhere! Evenings will be reserved for chilling, chow, and then the raves. I will do my best to put out a report of my intended movements and fursuit I’ll be running around in prior to going full beast mode! This is so folks know which fursuit to keep an eye out for if they’d like a photo or to say hi!

-Will you be performing?
Hell yeah, a lot! Other than typical fursuiting absolutely everywhere all the time, (haha,) I’ll be attending the dance-centered events, and the nightly raves as well!

-What/where will you be eating?
Anywhere nearby. I like to stay in the immediate vicinity of the con to ensure I don’t miss events, so I usually prefer to grab ‘n go snacks in my room. But I sure have a lot of folks I can’t wait to see again and catch up with over a good meal!

-Will you be going to parties?
Nah, I’m not huge into partying! But if I’m invited, I always try and stop by to say hi and visit with folks!

-What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
Just hoping that my friends’ and my travels go smoothly and safely, I get to spend as much time with them as I can, (though it’ll never be enough! <3 ) and to have fun!

Questions, comments, concerns? Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

MegaPlex 2019 Meme