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Life Updates by Roum

Anthrocon was a blast and I'm so glad that I got to make it again this year! A big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table to look at my art, commission me, or just say hi. It was great to be back and see everybody again.

I didn't return home from AC until the 10th; I spent more time with partner and friends to just enjoy our time together in PA, and then took some time to recuperate and spend time with my husband who was on vacation (he rarely gets time off from work). Been easing myself back into a regular work schedule the past week. Making progress on AC take-home commissions, and then I plan to open for a few more once the queue is cleared. It's been quite awhile since I had any kind of formal opening for comms other than cons (and the occasional ones I take on my Twitter), so that should be interesting! Will definitely be taking smaller batches than I used to in the past though. I've also got some adopts/YCH stuff in the works as well. It feels so good to be able to art more again.

My health has been doing much better, physically and mentally. Physically I do still have some issues that I have to work to maintain, but they're nowhere near as bad as they were last year. Last year was super rough and I was essentially couch-bound for a big part of it. I'm happy to say now that with a lot of physical therapy work, babying things, and finding the right meds, it's made a world of difference. As someone who doesn't enjoy being inactive, not only being able to be at my desktop again, but get out and about and do things has done wonders for my mental health, lemme tell ya.

I'm trying to keep this momentum going and hopefully, if things keep going well, maybe I can even start making some other cons (FC is def a goal)! Also, I hope that everyone else has been doing well, and if not, fingers crossed that you will be soon. ♥

Life Updates


26 July 2019 at 06:18:23 MDT

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