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▲🌱SHaring my Artsites by Uluri

X) Since FurAffinity is Down I'll share my other main artsites as well. When FA gets itself back online I'll share my artsites there as well.

Small, but has many features that I really enjoy including a collection feature for art made for you, as well as a tag filter. The site also uses html and markdown for coding text. You can have colored text over there. The ratings are General, Mature, and Adult and you can toggle the ratings one by one in order, too. I post the same content as my FA, and more content than my DA on this site. *Plops youtube video for you to get a look at the site: LINK

Largest art community, can honestly be a bit hectic at times. I like how I can use my own art as decoration. The site's currently going through a redesign phase currently only available to some (its ehh). It's gonna have half of a tag filter. Its good, but won't be as effective as Weasyl's unless they update it. DA is also a Mainsite. It's ratings are only General and Mature so most of the content I post there is Cute things and Gore. Occassionally I will thumbnail crop a post that FA or Weasyl can display as DA allows censoring those arts.

I am on a number of other artsites, but these two are the only ones where I get to post All of my artwork and the ones I recommend most if you are looking for something other than FA to use or find me on.

▲🌱SHaring my Artsites


17 July 2019 at 06:27:25 MDT

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    I found that Art Amino is now the largest art community after DeviantArt stated to decline, likely due to Eclipse and some well known issues going on since the site's launch. They'll probably always be remembered for being the first to get that big though. I do like it here though. It's nice and quiet. Though, I wish signing up was enabled on the forums again, I'd like to talk to people there.
    Do you use SoFurry or PaperDemon by any chance?

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      Weasyl offers me about everything I need from an art site functionality wise.

      Amino dont allow gore amd nsfw art. I am not just a cute artist, but gore. Im not for art censorship which is why I like FA and Weasyl a lot.

      DA isn't going to die because of eclipse. Its gonna be similar to how people treat FA. Not to say I wont advertise the heck out of Weasyl to bring folks over here and sprawl out. The folks complaining about eclipse aren't even the people trying to tell admins how to change the site to work better. Eclipse sucks at the moment real bad for sure, but its a lot more functional than 3 months ago thanks to the people sending feedback. Theyre even planning to design change a bit this section, but I dont know how much. Eclipse is a bad idea, but folks going ew not doing anything to help it so its functional when launched is a worse idea.

      The forums are closed because they are broken to the point posting wasnt even able to be done. Id like the forums to be removed. You can see all journals on weasyl by going to browse, or write a discussion journal if you'd like.

      Sofurry has a rule against having "too much human art". i cant main sofurry because it doesnt offer me a comfortable environment to post all my content without fearing my gallery will magically be wiped because im a general artist not a furry artist.

      Never heard of the last one.

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        I want to promote and use the sites that let me post the content I make, not sites where I have to cut content to exist in it. Weasyl just needs more promotion.

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        I was saying that DeviantArt was dying because lately the traffic has fallen and the site has been kind of inactive lately, at least from my experience.
        And wow, "too much" human art? There can really never be too much. Humans are animals too so if anything, I would have considered humans to be the ultimate furry since furries are based somewhat on them.
        Paperdemon is okay with both human and anthro art, including mature art which is posted in the Red Curtain section. This would include gore as well which I often specialize in myself.