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Yes/No List = List of things an artist will or won't draw

I've never gotten around to putting one together but it's come to my attention more and more over the years that a LOT of people are afraid to approach artists that have either vague lists, or not lists at all.
Especially about NSFW topics, or even SFW topics that are a bit outside the social 'safe zone' such as certain fandoms.
The most common reason seeming to be fear of the artists' reaction and/or damaged relationships with those artists.

So here's my question,
"Do YOU look for an artists' yes/no list when you commission? Do you prefer concise or really in-depth lists?"

Concise being very, very vague, maybe 10 things at most, with a lot of specific things listed under 'umbrella terms'.
In-Depth listing out every possible thing, even if it takes up an entire page.

Help | Suggestions wanted! | Artists' yes/no lists


10 July 2019 at 09:23:44 MDT

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