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sorry if i have been away for a long period of time. as it turns out i've been very busy on the real life end trying to get things figured out as a curveball was thrown at my direction.

First of all lets start with smash and splash. Smash and splash turned out to be quite fun, as i really didn't know how big smash and splash really was as people from all over the world came to compete in this tournament. granted, i didn't make it out of pools like i've wanted too for both ultimate and melee, but i almost made top 32 ironically in rivals of ather. so that was nice the whole adventure was worth it alone just to play with people from all over the world! i would totally do it again by myself next year if i had too... i've still got my smash scene i can lean on for financial help with the event...for furmigration 2019 however....i'm not sure if i can financially make that one as i'll explain down below:

As soon as i've moved back from college my mom threw me a curveball that i had to find my own place to live in by the end of's...understandable. i wished she could have waited until i was done with college to do that as i've one more year left. not to mention that i'm going to be at that magical age (26) soon, and with turning 26 means i'll have to find my own health insurance amongst other things even i probably don't know yet....i'm still trying to figure things out going forward.

I've at least a good paying full time job at the sam's club now... at least as good paying as a retail job can be entry wise....13 dollars a hour...but otherwise starting june 22 i've a consistent work schedule as i'll be working 5am to 1:30pm central time...the 5am part is...oof...but i at least get out very early because of it too. 

i'm still trying to get used to the heavy manual labor job i have at sams though as my only problem at the job seems to be i'm slow...i hope to get faster for my sake while trying to just...survive. 

i was just trying to survive this past month with moving and shinnigans in various ways...i'm still very tight on money as it stands...i just need to survive the next month and then once i get the grasp of my new bills and get the engine rolling in terms of saving money and having steady food coming in...then i should be good...

i haven't been drawing much either as i still am passionate about art and drawing as my mood has been quite tense lately with all the scares that's been surrounding me with the new i appologize for not producing as much content as i should. i've at least one picture out after all this time. otherwise my goal is to start the art engine again asap...starting out slow and then going from there. granted i haven't been getting commissions lately or been pumping out personal works, but i've at least been getting the work done for commissions when they do come. (commissions are still open though). otherwise i'll focus on trying to work on personal projects along with working on more commissions as they come. PM me if your interested in a slot or catch me when i'm streaming as well and i'll even draw it on the spot for you. 

until then, i'll see you soon space cowboy.

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25 June 2019 at 20:26:37 MDT

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