List Filled, Commissions Closed! by DarkShadow777

Hello again!


So, I have contacted all the people that is interested in a Quartz commission, and I confirmed all the slots so far. Thank you SO MUCH for your support and interest, you have no idea how much I appreciate you, guys!


The list is set as follows:


1.- Cityhunter77 (DA) [Full Color Illustration]

2.- Lakanookie (FA) [Full Color Illustration + 2 Variants]

3.- RazVonCoon (FA / Discord) [Full Color Illustration + 1 variant]

4.- Anthonylix09 (FA) [Reference Sheet]

5.- Deetum-Ei (FA) [Reference Sheet]

6.- Anon (Discord) [To be discussed]

7.- wiggles234 (Discord / FA) [Flat Color Manga Page]

8.- Slimshod (Mastodon/Discord) [Full Color Illustration]


Plus a special slot that, given it's nature, will be done separately:


SP.- OutcastPaladin (FA) [Sketch Commission]





The majority of the people I'm listing here has a discord, but, in case you don't, I have links in my different networks to join my server, so we can discuss about commissions, or anything else, if that's your wish! Join, it's freeeeeeeee :V. I will try to be active and troll everyone... err, I mean, interact! :V


As I have stated in past journals, I will be taking a goooooood break from doing paged manga commissions (that is, more than one page), and probably resuming them next year.


Also, as the title says, I'm closed to more Quartz commission inquiries, and I won't be setting in a queue more people. I do this to not burry into commissions and later not be able to deliver. I make sure my schedules are fair so everyone that requests a commission are sure they will get their work done, in a fair amount of time, and the most important, it actually will be done.


I'll try and resume my projects, such as Livantia, Chapter 5 is up now, in my blog, HF and FA exclusively. If you got any comments on it, please let me know! I will be back from my break on June 30th.


And finally, I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of you, my friends, fans and commissioners, you are all awesome, and without you, I wouldn't have any sense for going on. Thank you so much!



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List Filled, Commissions Closed!


24 June 2019 at 17:43:23 MDT

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