Extended Deadline by Vito_Talford

I've been thinking this through, and I realized that making August 10th as the finalized publication date was not a good idea after all. I was both desperate and selfish, becoming so obsessed with living up to my family's expectations in becoming financially independent that I got carried away. Same thing with making July 1st as the end of the fundraiser. That was rash and arrogant, too.

For the past couple of days, weeks, maybe months at most, I was caught in a crossroad. It was telling me to think about what is more important- Living up to everyone's expectations all of my life at the expense of other people's happiness, or thinking for myself and live a life at my own pace and time.

Not only that, but I was so fearful of being treated the same way George R.R. Martin was treated when he was still working on The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, if I end up changing the deadline again. Then, in response, Neil Gaiman scolded the readers, reminding them that writers are "not machines." These expectations brought me nothing but frustrations and stress so much that I lost sight on my own happiness.

No matter how much impatience there are in the world, no matter how high people's expectations are, one can't live a life if that person doesn't think for themselves. If one spends their entire life living up to the expectations of others alone, they will never live their own life, let alone know true happiness. A writer must never rush the process on the development, improvement, and polishing of stories of any kind.

And that's why, from this moment on, Thaumaturgic will not be released on August 10th. Since the book is getting close to the final polishing process anyway, it will be released on December 6th instead. And the fundraiser for the book cover and the Creasurgence Entertainment (a multi-media company I thought up of months ago) Company Logo will continue until October 11th.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this update, and what I have been going through.

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Extended Deadline


23 June 2019 at 14:16:06 MDT

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