✪ Emergency Commissions ✪ by NyuroraXBigdon

Hello there guys, here bigdon with breaking news!

Nyurora is going to travel to Mexico to spend summer and of course I want to go there and spend my this summer with her. But this time I will take my laptop with me and work there as well.

But the problem is... that I don't have enough money to spend these two months with her and I really want to so... I have to open new commissions to get some extra.

Well, I really need some help and I would really appreciate it.

There won't be any limits in the number of commissions but I have to give you a warning advise, I would be most of my time near Nyurora's family so SFW commissions will be my priority, NSFW commissions would be done eventualy but kinda slow since I really can't draw NSFW with people near by.

I won't accept comics since I have 3 comics that J'm working on

  • The House Helper
  • Vanilla Moon
  • A personal comic

Well I think I'm open now, so if you're interested just send a PM with your idea and the subject with my nickname (Bigdon)!

Prices: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28381195


✪ Emergency Commissions ✪


19 June 2019 at 19:32:01 MDT

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