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Looking Up! by wyrdeer

So some ups recently! I finally got a new job. It isn't much, just part-time with no benefits. I can hopefully get a second job eventually to compensate that. Overall, it seems like a better place than my last job. The regional manager was very queer and asked me for my pronouns. He didn't make a big fuss of me being trans like my last job. It seems like a really relaxed place, which I totally need if this will be my way to spend less time in my parent's house.
I have also been spending a lot of time with a new local friend I met at MCFC. I never felt so close to someone before in a long time. I'm so happy that he is in my life. I want to do nothing up support and uplift him since he has brought just joy and sunlight into a life that has been rather dark as of the past few years. It feels so good to have a dear friend who is so good to me!
Moving back to Chicago has been honestly good in a lot of ways. There are more resources for trans people here. These resources have helped me find a job and meet other trans people. Rock Island was so void of queer life. It was like scrapping at the bottom of a barrel to find other queer and trans people that I meshed with. It's so good to have a stable queer community to grow into as a start to really feel like I can exist in "real life" post-college as a transgender man.

Much love,


Looking Up!


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