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June 19th Art Commission Raffle [❌ CLOSED ❌] by NikkyVix

It's Raffle Time! The winner will be my next on the sketchboard tomorrow!

This raffle is open to Weasyl, Twitter, and FurAffinity. You need only enter once on the site of your choice. I'll compile everyone who signed up and raffle amongst them. Everyone gets just one slot.'

The Rules:

  • Post a reply to my comment below. Nothing wordy needed. One post per person.
  • At 10pm EDT I'll pick a numbers from as winner in order of entry and contact them via direct message or reply. Entrants' numbers will be collated in order of FurAffinity - Weasyl - Twitter.
  • If you are listed as on cooldown below, you cannot enter or win a raffle.

The winner will be sent a link to a brief commission form on GoogleDocs. Please fill it in ASAP or ask questions if you have them, and follow the given character limit or scene theme if specified on this journal.

Terms of Service:

Is this a paid commission raffle? You bet! Please don't enter if you can't make financial transactions via PayPal. Please read my TOS before entering, found at


  1. Winners are notified the night of the raffle and asked for their character and commission details, followed by a PayPal deposit invoice once accepted.
  2. If you forfeit or do not respond with a workable idea or communication by the time I must stream (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30pm EDT / 11:30am PDT on, I'll have to consider your entry void and roll another winner.
  3. I retain the right to refuse any person or commission at any time. In the event money's already exchanged, a refund will be given.
  4. The commissions will be drawn in-stream.

Thank you for your interest and time, raffle away, and good luck!


Theme: none
Character Limit: TWO (2) Max
Stream: Tuesdays & Thursdays on
On Cooldown for 2 slots: Blackmist333 Blackmist333 & Draggy Draggy

June 19th Art Commission Raffle [❌ CLOSED ❌]


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