June Update, no $, no AnthroCon by sirkain

Been a rough month financially, since made a bad error in my budget and bought two things at same time before one cleared... causing an avalanche of negative balances and overdraft charges. stopped that mess now but broke rest of month to use on anything besides the vitals.


Because of this and because my roommate who was to be my room at anthrocon is also having finance problems, we both are canceling anthrocon. rooms already gone and folks are told and got other rooms. travel tickets refunded etc. I want to stay here and fix this issue not make it worse.


Business wise was slow ish at beginning of month now its kind of in high gear as we are selling our mobile homes on one property before fines hit, getting a lot of interest and some bites on them already.  Another property I manage more south has more repair activity going on.  Getting it ready to refinance. Business partner :iconrassah: and his husband are on a cruise for now so I'm holding down the fort for the whole business for a few weeks.  


Next cons on horizon to try to attend are more local-ish ones. FA:United and Fursonacon. long as finances are good, I will attend them. if not, I cancel and try again next year.




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June Update, no $, no AnthroCon


12 June 2019 at 22:00:17 MDT

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