Heading to Fur-Eh by rkniner

After spotting a sale on flights earlier this year, I decided to give Fur-Eh a try. It's going to be my first time in Edmonton, so I'll probably have a bit of a challenge finding my way around (step one, figure out the trip from the airport to the hotel; by transit, it's about 90 minutes, but the bus only runs hourly). My flight in lands at 10:22 am local time.

Once I arrive I'll probably try to check out West Edmonton Mall before the con starts; may as well increase my coaster credits.

Outside a couple of NBA games (Thursday after opening ceremonies, and if necessary Sunday evening), I should be able to enjoy the con itself.

Some plans:

  • Get a chance to play some Growl, a werewolf TF-themed card game I'll be bringing with
  • Lots of suiting (including the fursuit games on Sunday? Probably.)
  • Enjoy my time off from work
  • Celebrate my birthday in furry style!

So, who will I see there?

Heading to Fur-Eh


11 June 2019 at 17:27:25 MDT

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    See you there! :D

    Also bring your walking shoes because West Ed mall is huge and there is lots to see and do. lol
    Also happy early birthday! :D/