My furrylife account by Mircea

Once upon a time (meaning last week) I began noticing journals speaking of a certain Since many furries mentioned getting an account there, I asked myself "what is this new furry site everyone speaks of". And so I decided to embark on a 5 minute quest to check it out for myself.

One of the first things I observed is that you need an account to view any NSFW content. Taking a look at their AUP, I noticed they borrow the artwork police from the likes of Furaffinity, there to let you know what art is moral enough to be permitted. Alongside other strict rules as to what you may upload, such as regulations on whether your art is malicious in nature or how rapidly images may flash.

And thus I suddenly had a realization: "You know? I'm registered on enough furry sites as it is!"

And that everyone is the story of how I never got a Furrylife account. The end.

My furrylife account


11 June 2019 at 06:26:22 MDT

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