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T.O.S Fur Commissions by PupTech

Terms Of Service

1.I have the right to use the artwork(s) I have created however i see fit.

a.If its a commission of a character,fursona,oc i will post it unless the commissioner wants it. private
b.if you commission me to a fanart of games.etc i have the right to sell. are allowed to repost commissions/gift art/art trades as long as you give great to me and keep my watermark on the artwork i made you may not sell the artwork for profit.

a.when you commisssion me to fanart for example Lucario from pokemon you may not sell. the artwork for profit
b.but you may use it for profile pic,wallpapaer,ect when credit is given.

3.Do not ask me to draw in different styles/other artist styles you are commissioning me to for my style whether coloring or drawing

4.Please look at my price sheet before you commission me and make sure its what you have the budget for and its what you really want

a. you may not use the lineart/Sketch for adoptables,ect may use the lineart/sketch to practice coloring and inking when credit is given

5.Please do not ask for a ETA i do commissions in order as i get them if you commission first then you get your commission done first if not first i will inform you when i get started and finnished the commmission if i cant get a commission done in time or can't finish you will get a full refund and the sketch.

6.If you want a private commission please tell me when ordering when set as a private commission it stays private that means i will not post and you may not post

7.if you would like a speedpaint/live stream please tell me when ordering and what time is best for you but it will cost more becuase i'm getting done in one sitting you want a full body that will be a extra $15 for the commission

8.When commissioning me please have a ref sheet or a full body pic of your fursona,character,oc it makes it easyer for me to get everything right


I mostly only work over PayPal invoice for payments
Thought I do know not everyone has a paypal due to their age thats why i also accept Deviantart points
will not always accept points but when i do inform my commissioners

Comission Template

Name: Real Or Nickname

Means of Payment Paypal email/Points

T.O.S Fur Commissions


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