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Getting Sick Again by TheOtherEliArts2001

Yes, the title says it. I'm a little bit sick.

The symptoms are not too bad, but it's a little annoying.

It started around two days ago, and I started getting the symptoms that one would normally get from a cold. Except they were very mild. So mild in fact that I didn't even think I was actually sick in the first place.

You see, my dad had already contracted a cold a few days prior. Funny thing about living in a house in constant close proximity to your family at all times, when one of you catches a cold, it immediately becomes everybody's cold.

(Yeah I made a reference to The Ring. Fight me)

Not long after my dad got sick, I started having cold like symptoms as well, but they were pretty mild in comparison. I would wake up in the morning with only a mildly soar throat. But it would soon get better less than an hour later. It wasn't until yesterday that I started having a runny nose.

Today, even as I type this, my nose is runnier than before, my ears have fluid in them (which affects my hearing), and I let out the occasional coughs and sneezes here and there. I don't know if by tomorrow my symptoms will be better or worse, but as of now it's not extremely bad... yet.

This particular cold is just downright inconvenient. I hope it goes a way by tomorrow. If not, it may fade away by the day after tomorrow at least.

(P.s. My dad is actually still sick as I type this. I just heard him have a coughing fit a few seconds ago. My cold isn't as bad as his as of now, but I suspect it might get worse. I hope to God that it doesn't, but we'll have to see about that.)

Getting Sick Again


11 June 2019 at 04:26:11 MDT

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    Colds are awful. Get well soon!