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Werewolf Comic Notes by Silvermane

Going to post something that I've been working on for a while and that is a viable werewolf comic story line that I think I could remain interested in.

Tentatively the comic will be called "Mark of the Beast" because I just love the title, it's nice a horror driven. The werewolves look will be anthropomorphic not any large cute wolves or puppy dogs here, I want slavering two legged beasties who are both human and werewolf mixed together. Setting will be modern urban/suburbia. NO other supernatural creatures, aka no vampires, demons, genies, etc. that seem to plague most werewolf story lines these days. I may include the odd ghost of a victim just to show the werewolf being haunted by its deeds. I want to explore the concept of the werewolf as a lonely being, that the constant howling is actually a call for companionship. No matter what the werewolf is a killer, aka humans. No we only eat deer, moose, etc. That's not what a werewolf is, if I wanted a werewolf that just ate deer and moose, I'd get a regular wolf because there's no horror there. Werewolf is a monster, pure and simple.

Possible plot lines:

  • Main character isn't in control meets a werewolf that is and is willing to teach him the ropes. Sort of a buddy werewolf or misadventures type story line.

  • Werewolf is the last of his kind (aka born as one/true breed werewolf) who is used by various people to gain lycanthropy. Escapes from a lab early on and is on the run finding out just what has happened as far as the experiment. (Cliche?)

  • Original "Mark of the Beast" comic outline, detective goes in investigates murder. Only problem is the story falls apart when the character becomes a werewolf or is introduced to them, aka no where to really go story wise.

  • Slice of life werewolf story, just the life story of a werewolf how he copes with being what he is. Bonus is open ended story line no need for an actual plot outside of personal conflict such as dealing with killing people, hiding out, sort of like the Fox tv series.

  • Do the story of Claude Chastel, a person who was born a werewolf, who judges humanity. Kills mostly the unwanted sort of a werewolf anti hero.

What does everyone think? Any of these ideas appeal?

Werewolf Comic Notes


20 May 2013 at 11:54:55 MDT

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    They are!

    Maybe combine orignal and the buddy one?

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      Well truth be told I think "Mark of the Beast' s original story line would have naturally lead to a buddy one, especially if the detective became a werewolf.

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    I really like the "Mark of the Beast" concept. I'm curious to know how a detective that becomes a werewolf manages his life and his job. Maybe mix in a bit of the "buddy werewolf" concept, too.

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      Mixing up the ideas seems to be popular with a lot of people but I am not sure. Comic wise I know that the scripts I made up tended to drag out the werewolf themes, I'd rather start with a bang and go from there.