Status Progress update by Vangabond

So… this month so far has been an unpredictable rollercoaster that is hot and a bit annoying and frustrating at times, with one of the unpredictable moments was me losing my job of nearly three years.. Which was a few days ago last thursday, i am not going to go into major details at the moment but may do it later on.


All this month consists of me not really doing a whole lot and getting frustrated at myself because of it but not majorly frustrated just petty frustrated (if it makes sense). I did promise myself to draw more and i haven’t done that in a little bit over a month in which i did have ideas but never got around to doing them.


I guess this is the best way saying that i have been feeling a bit meh for somethings in my life that should have came out by now.


Anyways, i felt like posting something from being rather quiet posting and update wise truth be told the June 1st update may be a bit of a mixed bag i may make it much longer or shorter depending on how i am feeling at the time.


(Okay as i am posting this the title is very misleading)

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Status Progress update


26 May 2019 at 17:18:13 MDT

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