comparison is the thief of joy by cinnamon_bun_puff

No one deserves to be forgotten
No one deserves to fade away
No one should come and go
And have no one know he was ever even here
No one deserves to disappear
To disappear

~ Disappear from Dear Evan Hansen

People are always comparing themselves to others because they have things that you probably don’t have. Jealousy is something that affects a lot of the population, and only because we aren’t communists. Even though that does sound a little harsh, there are times where we have to face the truth, no matter what. Thieves are everywhere, and they take things, not only physically, but also mentally. When you compare yourself to someone else, you start thinking, “I don’t have that, but they do. Why can’t I have that?” A simple thought like that may not have much effect once, but when repeated much more times, then it’s bound to create a ripple effect, plunging you into the pit of jealousy, isolation, and depression. You take everything for granted; everything that made you happy no longer does, and only because you compared yourself to something that you knew, you knew, would affect you someday.

comparison is the thief of joy


26 May 2019 at 10:11:49 MDT

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