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Commission Terms of Service by Sergsune

Please read through my Terms of Service before commissioning me. This ToS applies to any and all commissions and commissioners. By commissioning me, you agree to everything within my ToS. Failure to follow my ToS rules can result in being blacklisted from any further commissions. This ToS is subject to change at anytime.


  • Twitter (@Sergsune) (Most active/fastest response)
  • Instagram (Sergsune)
  • DeviantArt (Sergsune)
  • Weasyl (Sergsune)

I am able to refuse any commission for any reason. Background checks are performed on all commissioners. Your commission will be denied if you are a(n):

  • Homophobe
  • Transphobe
  • TERF
  • Pedophile/"MAP"
  • Nazi
  • Racist
  • Zoophile
  • Truscum/Transmed
  • Ableist
  • Fatphobe
  • Aphobe
  • Republican
  • Incel
  • Altright/Altfurry
  • Known scammer
  • Art thief/tracer
  • Furry Raider
  • Apologist for any of the above

And/or if you:

  • Endorse/consume loli/shota, or CP in general
  • Endorse/consume cub porn
  • Fetishize trans people/bodies
  • Fetishize PoC
  • Endorse/consume incest (real or fictional)
  • Use homophobic slurs (f&g, etc.)
  • Use transphobic slurs (tr&nny, f&ta, tr&p, etc.)
  • Use racist slurs
  • Use slurs in general
  • Body shame

If I find out that you are any of the above mid-commission, payment will be refunded in full and the commission will be stopped immediately. I may also stop a commission because of rude, harassing, or otherwise bad behavior from the commissioner.

I will not do commissions that involve:

  • Incest ships/couples (including adoptive incest)
  • Homophobia
  • Pedophilia
  • Loli/Shota
  • Transphobia
  • Large age gap ships/couples
  • The military
  • Racism
  • Nazism
  • Cops/Cop paraphernalia/"Blue Lives Matter"
  • Babyfurs/Cub characters
  • Diapers

I am good at:

  • Anthro furries
  • Monsters
  • Fluffy characters
  • Heavy stylization

I am alright at:

  • Feral furries
  • Fashion
  • Humans

I am not good at:

  • Machinery
  • Heavily detailed armor
  • Wings

I will not draw characters that do not belong to you. The only exception to this is for gifts to other people (ie. a spouse/partner) Gift art will be done on a case by case basis.

Commission Ordering
Commissions are generally announced through social media and Weasyl. Unless said otherwise, when commissions are open, please DM or email me with all necessary information:

  • Commission type
  • Payment method (Square or PayPal email; I need somewhere I can send an invoice to)
  • At least 1 visual reference (more is better)
  • A description of what you want in your commission
  • Your contact information/social media
  • Any special requests/extra info

All commissioners must have at least 1 visual reference (preferably a reference sheet) of the character they want commissioned. References that are purely text will not be accepted. It is highly recommended that your visual reference is flat color (no shading). References can be NSFW if a SFW one isn't available.

I may or may not accept commissions with deadlines, depending on the commission. Commissions with strict/short deadlines may have an extra fee.

Regardless of commission type, a WIP showing a sketch will always be shown to the commissioner. Afterwords, I will generally show a WIP at the lineart, flat color, and shading stages, depending on the commission type. The commissioner is allowed to request changes at any time until the commission is finished (major changes cannot be made after the sketch stage without an extra fee)

Prices are non-negotiable. Payment must be done up front, within 24 hours of commissioning, via Square (preferred) or PayPal. I will send an invoice on your preferred payment method to you after confirming your commission. I need full payment before I will start your commission. Unpaid commissions will be canceled after 24 hours. Holds are not available unless said otherwise. Please let me know if you need to pay in a currency other than USD! Bitcoin is not accepted as payment.

Commission cost can become more expensive the more complex your character/commission is.

Payment cannot be refunded once I have started the commission and sent the first WIP to the commissioner. The only exception to this rule is if I cannot continue the commission because of life events or personal reasons. In this case, the commission will be refunded in full as soon as possible.

Commission Posting
All commissions will be posted on my social media and art accounts, with credit to the commissioner. Please let me know if you don't want your commission to be posted, if you want posting delayed until a certain date (ie. a birthday), or if you want your commission to be anonymous.

I retain the rights to all commissions. Commissioners are allowed to freely share their commission anywhere they like, as long as credit is given to me somewhere in the post. Commissioners are not allowed to edit their commission unless I give permission beforehand. My commission watermark cannot be cropped or edited out unless you are using the commission as a profile picture. I may be able to edit past commissions (ie. change markings) for a fee (Fee depends on edit complexity)

Commissions belong to the commissioner ONLY. Unless the commission is a gift to someone else, the character attached to the commission is sold or given away, or something else is agreed upon beforehand, no one besides the commissioner is allowed to have/use the commission. Art thieves will not be tolerated.

Commission Terms of Service


23 May 2019 at 18:57:19 MDT

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