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Updated - 5-23-2019

-About Glossi Thrall-

Those who had been cleaned to become as pretty and perfect as Glossi were all made to share in her ideals. That everything needed to be 'Cleaned', and that all should be 'Perfect'. The Nanites that work to alter the new Golem's cellular makeup were all set with these goals in mind to install onto their new neural networks. Yet, this process itself was never flawless as it was never its intended interaction, and the personality of the corrupted victims would start to bleed into this programming logic, warping it greater than it was before.

Such was born those with deviant taste, who saw 'Cleaning' as something more hands on, and 'Perfection" more as direct obedience. Now lead by a head Golem, these 'Glossi-Thralls' are far more direct with their methods, and waste no time with pleasantry. If left unchecked, they might become a bigger threat than Glossi ever could be.

-What is a Glossi Thrall?-

Glossi Thrall are fan characters created under the influence of Glossi. They are not canonically connected to Glossi herself, but are instead considered "mutations" that may or may not have the same ideals as the original Glossi.

-Restrictions for Glossi Thrall-

When it comes to Glossi Thrall, the only restriction for them is that they are not to be used to promote or advertise money making schemes. The section below lists what is and isn't acceptable involving Glossi and monetary transactions.

Acceptable situations involving money

-Commissioning artist to draw your Glossi Thrall

Unacceptable situations involving money

-Using Glossi's likeness or Glossi Thrall to advertise a YCH Auction
-"Pimping" Glossi or Glossi Thrall to advertise commissions

Content produced before 5-23-2019 that falls under the unacceptable money situations do not need to be purged.

REFERENCE - Glossi Thrall


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    Is there anyway to free a person if they've been turned into a thrall of Glossi?

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      First you have to get a scientist to find out how to craft a Glossi antidote, then you would have to convince the thrall itself to go forward with the purification. Considering the nature of the nano-machines and how devoted a maid becomes to the horde, both outcomes are fantastically unlikely.