Confuzzled 2019 by Sedric

I shall be there tomorrow, mucking up the Birmingham Hilton's classy look by wearing big black wellies all over the place

Confuzzled 2019


23 May 2019 at 13:32:40 MDT

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    Hope you had an awesome time!

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      I had an excellent time! I'm still disappointed I missed the rubber room party a friend threw due to my own commitments and misreading of the text I received, but otherwise a good time was had by all. I always attend the writing panels, I think I hit them all unless you count the one for first-time DMs; I am coming around though to the understanding that what I write would fail the test for the panelists, more often than not. So, though they have some tips I realise I could do well to learn from - I am conscious if stubborn about the fact that I could do to get a proof-reader - I am going to avoid judging myself against them. What I write is what I need to write, after all. Also Uncle Kage is not a good panel host. He did one on "effective writing" and he spent so much of it yelling and gesticulating like a mix of Sam Kinison and a pantomime villain. There was a guy all con wearing red PVC knee-high stiletto boots, which got me exchanging texts with a friend who was not present this year but hopefully next, and we agreed we should organise some kind of booted furs meetup or at least a room party. Who knows if we will, but it's a fun thought

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        Glad it was a good experience overall! The takeaway lesson from the Kage hosting is to devise a character that takes the best of that farcical performance and leave all the rest behind. A boot-fur party sounds novel actually! I did an informal mask party at the last MFF that went well, I'd do that again. Short of a full-on play party but still something for people to lose themselves. Always worthwhile!