Furlandia 2019 Journal Meme by CactusBlud

Hey everyone! I’m heading to my first ever furry convention! I’ll be attending all 3 days of Furlandia ‘19 in Portland with my BFF Jupiter, which is extra amazing! It’s his first fur con as well, and we are beyond excited. I felt it only right to make a Journal meme/tag about the occasion with some important info.

Furlandia 2019 - 1967 Summer of Fluff, Portland OR
May 24 - 26

Basic Convention Info

  • Where are you staying?
    On convention property in the Sheraton Hotel.

  • What day are you getting there?
    Thursday, May 23rd. We should arrive in the afternoon depending on the traffic.

  • How are you traveling?
    By car in my grey and black Honda Element. It’s the one covered in stickers with the “CACTU5” license plate.

  • Where are you traveling from?
    The Greater Seattle Area in Washington, so not too far!

  • How long are you staying?
    Staying the whole con until Monday morning, May 27th.

  • Who are you rooming with?
    Jupiter, my best friend!

Personal Info

  • What do you look like?
    I’m super pale with short, green hair, acne, smudged eyeliner, and probably dressed in all black.

  • What is your gender?
    Agender, and I use they/them pronouns, as does my fursuit/fursonas.

  • How tall are you?
    5’ 3” last time I checked. I look smaller in fursuit for some reason….

  • Can I talk to you?
    Heck yeah you can, though I can be pretty awkward so I apologize for any outbursts or if I suddenly run off. I do talk while in suit so feel free to chat!

  • Can I touch you?
    Sure thing! Make sure I can see you first, or get my attention so I know what the heck is going on.

  • Can I buy you drinks?
    Well, I can’t drink alcohol on account of my medication, but water/juice/coffee is good! I'd prefer is it's sealed, you know, common sense and all.

  • Can I give you food?
    I don’t eat while in suit, but in human mode I sure do! I love snacks, and if you have any Extra Toasty Cheez-Its on you I will find them.

  • Can I give you stuff?
    Aw, thank you if you do!

  • Can I hug or snuggle with you?
    I love hugs! Just ask first and make sure you get my attention. But snuggles are just for people I know better, sorry!

  • Are you nice?

  • Can I take your picture?
    Please! I love getting my picture taken! And you can join me or just get some solo beauty shots. I’ll probably pose with my BFF since we’re gonna be practically joined at the hip during the con. If you post my pics online, please tag me!

  • If I see you, how should I get your attention?
    You can call me any one of my names (Cactus, Christian, Goblin, Chessur) or just yell MONKEY if I’m fursuiting. You can also tap me on the shoulder, but no tugging on my tail, please!

Convention Plans

  • Are there any panels you might be attending?
    James and I haven't settled on much yet, we may check out a few character workshops and fursuit building panels.

  • Will you be suiting?
    Yes! I’ll most likely be suiting everyday, depending on how I feel. Jupiter will also be in suit!

  • What suit are you bringing?
    Christian the Monkey! And Jupiter is going as Shortcake the Cat! This will be both our suits con debuts!

  • Do you talk in fursuit?
    Yes, I also screech and hoot like a monkey! It’s only natural, right? I also speak Spanish, at least enough to get by, and I know a few basic ASL gestures.

  • Do you do free art, trades, or badges? Do you have an artist table?
    Nope, not yet! There will probably be a time I'm out sketching and I'd love if you'd join me! I don’t have commissions open right now, but I’m hoping to open after the convention.

  • Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
    I’ll usually be in the lobby/main con space, Dealer’s Den/Artist Alley, and the Dance Comp (orientation, prelims, finals). In the evenings we’ll be tearing up the dance floor!

  • Will you be performing?
    That’s the plan! I’m trying out for the Dance Competition, which is a dream come true! Jupiter can’t come with me to the Prelims nor backstage at the Finals, so I bet he would love some company during those times.

  • What/where will you be eating?
    I’m not sure! Jupiter and I haven’t looked through the eatery areas yet.

  • Will you be going to parties?
    Probably? I don’t know much about the room parties, so we’ll see.

  • What about meetups or other events?
    Other than the Dance Competition, we may go watch Floor Wars and the Fursuit Games. Jupiter and I will for sure be in the Fursuit Parade. As for meetups, we want to hang out with folks on Thursday night, and we’re always game to have dinner with friends!

  • What's your goal for the con this year?
    To dance, have fun, and hang out with Jupiter and a bunch of new furry friends!

  • What is the best way to find you?
    I’m on Twitter and Telegram (sharksf00d), FA and weasyl (CactusBlud), instagram (blood_mouth), and Furry Animo (sharksfood). Feel free to message me, but if I’m suiting I won’t respond right away.

Hope to see you there!

Furlandia 2019 Journal Meme


22 May 2019 at 13:07:27 MDT

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