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Hey guys~

Gonna open up for story commissions (long time, I know). Like always, please read my guidelines first and fill out the Google form before contacting me. Doing so gives me a better idea what you want right away, even if you're not 100% sure what you want; we can always clear things up later on.

Guidelines -
Form -

There are a few changes I'm making to commissions, however, so please take note of these:

  • prices have increased based on a rate of $0.0075USD per word; this may not sound like much, but it's significant once you view/calculate prices for each 1K word tier
  • you will be sent a link instead of an invoice when payment is due; this is to make things easier for both of us, hopefully, and I've already had a couple people flat-out send me the money before I could send them an invoice
  • if you're a ko-fi donor, I apologize, but I will not be doing donor discounts on commissions anymore; it's become a little too difficult for me to keep track of and was more of an incentive for people to donate towards that and not as a tipping service

I will be working on three stories at a time; as commissions complete, that entry will be removed from the total. Once I hit 9 form entries total, it will be closed. However, these are not necessarily first come, first serve; I will need to look at what you want first and see if I'll be willing to write it or not. (This is where reading the guidelines and form comes into play).

I will show commission progress on my Trello, which can be found here >>>

Thank you to everyone who's commissioned me in the past and for everyone who enjoys my writing! This has always been a fun, interesting experience for me, despite the stresses it may bring :)


Commissions Open


19 May 2019 at 11:20:57 MDT

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