Doing $15 Lineart commissions by TheNextGenHero

Something nice and simple like these:

SFW only, ya nasties :p

BTW, is anyone having issues with weasyl? It's being super slow and weird for me again :/

Doing $15 Lineart commissions


15 May 2019 at 11:16:04 MDT

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    Aaaa good luck! I've been tryna drum up commissions myself cuz its my birthmonth but I'm not having much luck ;3; There was a con this past weekend, I think everyone's broke, rip

    The site was def pretty slow a few days ago when I checked but it seems okay now. It is a mystery.

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      Happy Birfmonth :D Hope your luck gets better those commissions!

      It's been wacky on and off for me, but I've been getting a "technical issues a lot :/

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    It was slow for me Monday and Tuesday, but today seems to be good. I remember the last major time the site was laggy--the status page said it was because comments were too long. They fixed it by putting in an algorithm that truncated comments that were too long/over a certain length. Maybe that's happening again?

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      Didn't know that was thing. Whatever it is, I keep getting met with some technical issue message. Other site work fine for me??

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        I guess people should not write novel-length comments? XD

        It’s fine today, but who knows how it’ll be tomorrow? hmmmm