Still alive by SpringlockedFoxy

Hey folks and friends!

How's things? I'm still kicking around, I'm just working on getting myself into a regular cadence. It's been SUPER ROUGH, switching from night oriented schedule, to a morning oriented schedule is a nightmare.

Essentially, my idea is that I live my life in the AM, as opposed to the PM, so that I can front-load all of the things I want to do, while avoiding the SEVERE Bay Area Traffic.

I have a super hard time settling down to sleep, and one problem can cascade into ruining my entire week, but, as soon as I'm able to do this, that means more art, more stories, and more FNAF!

So that's where we stand right now! I'm working hard to deliver more FNAF!

Still alive


3 May 2019 at 15:27:55 MDT

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    Things be going relatively okay. Ah man, changing your Living Schedules? That's tough. I usually don't sleep for a whole day first, then sleep at the time I want to change my time to the next day if I wanna try to change it. I'm naturally a morning person, so its really hard for me to stay up in the night. If I mess up my morning schedule, that's what I usually end up doing.

    Hope that it all works out for you to be able to do some more things you like.