Art trades are open! by Thesaltyartist14

Anyone want to do a art trade? I’m open for art trades. I’ll take two for now and I’ll make another journal entry when I’m open again, just comment under this journal and I’ll take two.

Art trades are open!


3 May 2019 at 12:28:31 MDT

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    Would I be allowed to do an Experimental artwork? I haven't practiced art for my Left Series in a bit and need a refresher. I can only draw fluffy creatures for left series because left hand isn't as great with other types of creatures yet.
    My OCs:

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      Yeah it could be any oc but nothing too hard and you could pick any of my oc, I do have a few furry oc I think.

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        ALrighty. I found one that I am interested in drawing.
        I linked My OCs above, and any of those guys are able to be drawn.

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          Okie dokie, I’m on it~

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            AH, do take your time, okay? There's no need to rush to create something. It'll take me a bit of time for me to work on my end of the trade as well.

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            Heya Hello. I've completed my part of the trade. Haven't posted yet.