thanks for supporting me/update by dudewithgames

i'd like to thank all of you all for helping me out through my rather rough time. if it wasn't for you guys idk where i'd be financially payday is almost here as well as my last paycheck of my pevious job will get here at the end of the month...not much...

but do you know what's exciting? i've finally got a job! and a very deceant one at that! although the shift is...kind of oof they want me to work 4-5am-1pm but $13USD per hour is 13...a lot better then what i've been peviously paid before i start on said job next thursday 

so i'll probably still be tight for a while, but once this job kicks in i really think everything is going to be fine @__@...pff still stucks that i have to repeat the spring semester because college physics is hard and trying to go to 2 classes at once is no bueno...though my time management skills could still use some work

SO UPDATE then in terms of my art schedule:
the streams will slow down a lot within the next week as i'll be moving back home before orientation thursday...i've still a final to worry about despite only having one class (oof) so i'll most likely focus on that. i might sneak in a couple streams in, but otherwise commissions will be still open, as i am to get put on the trusted artists spot so that i'm more ledgit~ XD...

but once again, thank you guys so much...maybe now i can start repaying my mom :/...

also i'm almost at 200 watchers on FA, heck yea! i hope to keep up the good work within the months ahead

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thanks for supporting me/update


27 April 2019 at 07:51:27 MDT

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