life is full of adventures sometimes/gameplan by dudewithgames

so i've gotten my job terminated at my school as school has been very rough for me lately. I had to drop a few classes and wasn't enrolled in enough classes to keep the job :/....oh i'm still enrolled in one class at school as i'm now looking for any sort of job atm. it'll be nice to get a graphic design job of somesort of figure out how to get into the design industry in some way...

otherwise once i do get a more stable job then i will come up with a weekly or monthly schedule to keep your guys informed about things. 

until then this week is looking pretty much mostly after sunday expect a couple-few streams here and there, as i might join in on other people's streams as well to try to get more traffic on the site. I'll also work on trying to get different types of streams going *like one dedicated for tf, one dedicated towards art studies, one for general art, etc etc" so if you have any feedback on what i could try then please tell me XD

once again commissions are open as you can find more info about them here: 


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life is full of adventures sometimes/gameplan


21 April 2019 at 01:35:05 MDT

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