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This year is going by too fast. Still a ton of con prep to do for AC, i haven't started anything for it yet. Been working almost solely on commissions outside my day job, leaving little free time. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint, I'm nearly stating the facts. Commissions take priority, so naturally con prep lags behind. In good news though commissions are getting very caught up. Goat suit needs its head worked on more, its bodysuit is about 80% done, hands and feet are done. Galaxy raven is about 99% done, all that's left is to cover the feet. Wolf full suit is coming along nicely, its hands are done, tail is done, head is taped up, DTD is stuffed and ready to pattern. Saber head is making progress as well.

Speaking of Anthrocon, this will hopefully be a very big year for me there. Im planning on a new table set up, getting rid of one table and replacing it with a larger standing grid display. I'll be able to properly display wings, tails, and feet paws this way. I still have a few premade partials looking for homes, so they'll come to the con with me. As well as 2 new twin partials that are being worked on, they'll be done for AC as well. I have an extremely lofty goal this year for AC, so i really need to get cracking and pull some late nighters even on days i have my day job. This includes taking inventory of what i already have made, and what still needs to be made in order to achieve my goal, and if its feasible to get that list done for AC.

My personal goal and mantra for 2019 is and has been before the year started, "Make 2019 big". For me that means stick to my lists and time frames as hard and best i can. Plan for the unexpected and expected, and budget for the future, and achieve my goal as best as i personally can do.



17 April 2019 at 09:08:49 MDT

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    How did AC go ??