Is this site good enough? by Huannshanmao

Better than Pixiv? Better than Inkbunny? Better than Furaffinity?
Worse than Twitter? Or even more worse than Newgrounds?

Let's see how much I will grow up here....

Is this site good enough?


15 April 2019 at 07:46:15 MDT

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    Well, it's more vocal than Pixiv, and Journals are easy to read and find. It has Great features that I always want for all art sites. Ah colored Text and html formatting. Always good. The only missing piece on this site is getting the community itself to grow, and that's kinda all up to us who are using the site. :T Only big hurdle.

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    I think Pixiv is not a vocal sites. Only a few people can understand Japanese and Chinese there.
    But when you post something good. Many people there will like and share (bookmark) it. And our followers will increasing significantly day by day (depend on how good you are).

    Well, this site has some of benefit to all members. In the others hand, it's really hard to struggle competing with some popular fur sites. Almost impossible. But I like this site because the interface is more easier to read as yous said.