First Weasyl Journal! by LightSide-Lucree

Hello, fellow Weasyl users! Name's Lucree, and it's really sweet to meet you all! I'm still making my home here, but I just wanted to make a decent introductory journal before I continue my mass migration from dA to here.

First off, I'm an artist (duh), and I specialize in the manga/anime medium. I mostly draw pinups, but I'm slowly sliding into full illustrations and maybe even comics. I also write whenever the urge hits, so you might see some writing submissions, or a whole lot of journal updates. Most likely the latter, because I'm a shameless journal keeper.

Most of the artwork you'll see on my profile contains original characters/muses from a forever ongoing project of mine called the BURST Saga, an erotic science fantasy story with three parts to it and no particular chosen media yet (though I am thinking visual novel, which is the most likely option at this rate.) It's my eternal brain baby, and I'm always writing down new stuff for it. But you might also see work of other people's OCs and commissions as I get them.

A long time ago, I was scared off of doing anything fan-related period, but now I'm starting to seep back into fanart as well. Slowly. Ever so slowly... I adore the hell out of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Grand Order, and the Fate Series in general, so I might start from there as a very, very slow healing process for myself by drawing some of the characters from it. I also love Pokemon and Final Fantasy with a side of Kingdom Hearts, so you might see some of that in my gallery too once I get more comfortable with drawing fanart again.

What else? Uh... I'm bigender and bisexual as fail. I'm also polyamorous, taken by someone, but available; I'm not actively looking though. (I'd rather let fate decide something like that.) I love to cook and bake sweets. That's a thing. ...Ah, and people make me happy and make me want to kill everything. But isn't that everyone nowadays? Oh, and I'm an ecclectic solitary witch.

Anything else...? Oh! I'll be posting three submission a day or so until everything here matches my current dA gallery, then art might (read: will definitely) slow down for a while as I work on new pieces. I also might repost the first four works that I submitted here because I don't want people to get confused about my current art style.

Anyway, I think that's it! I really love how easy this place is to use, so you might see me much more often... and you might see my muses feature in my journals every so often whenever I post them. Just as a heads up to those not fond of script-style writing. Until next time!

This is Lucree, signing out!

First Weasyl Journal!


14 April 2019 at 17:20:20 MDT

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