Commission Schedule 2019/04/08 by DarkShadow777

Just a heads up on my commission schedule. I know I have some people asking for commissions, but, as you know, I'm currently closed until I serve the people I have in queue. I'm moving forwards, but it will take me some time. I beg you for your patience! Thank you!!


Current Slots:


Mondays: SlimShod (5 Page Greyscale Manga)

Tuesdays: Nerzha (Full Color Digital Commission + 2 variants)

Wednesdays: SherriMayim: (Full Color Manga Page)

Sundays: BLADEDGE: (Flat Color Commission)


For the rest of the info about my schedules and people next to be served, my Trello is public and available for you to see.




I've recently covered, once again, slots for April's Friday stream, thank you SO MUCH for your support, I love you all, really. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support. Not only in commissions, but on likes, reblogs/retweets and your very kind comments. Thank you people. I love you!


In this last, I will start to take reservations for May's slots from the next week onwards, so, if you have been seeking for a FridaySketch on my streams, this is your chance! Drop me a PM/Note/DM in any of my places and let me know.


I'm still working commissions, as you know, some will take me some time because they are relatively big projects, like the 5 manga page I'm doing, again, I am very thankful for your patience, once you are next in list, I will let you know so we start working your commission.


Recently, there have been some new alternatives from the extinct Tumblr, so I made a pair of new accounts in where I will be posting my stuf there too, if you are susbcribed or want another place to find me, those are my Pillowfort and my NewTumbl. They are still ironing stuff, but worths giving them a try.


I updated my profiles to add my new networks, and also to remove any Tumblr reference, so, I should be clean and updated currently! XD


I recently posted a new YCH, featuring Leilani, Kalea and Malana in a sexy volleyball match, if you enjoy sexy topless ladies jumping around, you can bid! Check the submission here!.


I as well, started to post some literature, I'm not exactly Shakespiere, but I'm trying my best there. Currently I have up to episoide two of my story "Livantia" posted in my blog, FA and HF, if you wanna read them, go give them a check in any of these links:


And I think this is all for now. Again, thank you so much for your support, and patience!!



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Commission Schedule 2019/04/08


8 April 2019 at 16:56:00 MDT

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