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I have many things to say now and I don't wanna bother you with too many journals, so I'll group everything in this one.

1. Never say goodbye.
Remember when I said I woulnd't post on Tumblr anymore?
I thought a lot about that after I had cooled down; I can't say I approve what they did and their new policy, but then I thought about what I do and the small community I've created there and I decided they shouldn't be the ones to carry the burden for the site's decision.
So, I decided to use my profile again as SFW and non-vore gallery only.

2. Easter Commissions!
Yeah, you read it. I'll open my commissions again on April 21st. And since it will be Easter, why not having a Mysterious Egg to celebrate? ^.^
There will be 10 avaiable slots: 5 for this special digital Mysterious Egg offer and other 5 more for standard commissions (any other kind of commission). You can see our price list (yeah, I'd like to remind you that I work together with FyreDraygg!) here >

3. Livestream!
I did my first livestream on Picarto and... My connection was able to take it!
Sooooo, what does this mean?
I will start doing commissions and personal works about 2-4 times per month (I'm still deciding weekday and times to allow the most people to join); access will be free for SFW works, while you need to have a Picarto account to see NSFW pieces.
I won't be able to stream this week (I'll be at Romics~), but I'm planning to have one the week after, around 12-13-14th April.

4. Some personal info.
Yeah, exams went by. I didn't perform properly on them, It's been a period of depression for me and I coudln't find the will to work.
Shame on me for that...
Now it's getting better, I am changing some meds and undergoing more medical exams with good results.I have new found will to work and complete my art pieces and projects. Maybe it's just Springtime and sun exposure (meteoropathy is always with me), but really... It's getting better.
I must thank all the people who helped and supported me. I really appreciated what you have done for me and I hope I'll be able to do the same for you ❤️

5. And last but not least...
I absolutely have to thank some special people who helped me in a special way.
I'm talking about Marco from Telegram, Vex_Zarvok on FurAffinity and Scaly_Muzzle on FurAffinity for their donations. They didn't only help by commissioning us, but also leaving donations! I can't describe how much I appreciate that.

And another special thanks to HiraMahi for his donation towards the Hyperuranium Project! This will help the development of the site and the community around it.

We used the money we recived to buy traditional art tools and materials, to pay our journey and tickets for Romics and to buy a new drawing tablet for both of us (we're trying to catch the Mobile Studio Pro 16. Yeah, a lot of money.)

We'd like to remind you about our Patreon page: you will see exclusive projects & WIPs, early access to pieces and more benefits! Please take a look to our page and consider supporting us ❤️


Alita Berserker

1 April 2019 at 11:36:18 MDT

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