Open for Icon Commissions and Art Trades by Recurrent

Hey guys, I am now opening up my icon commission form to be icons of ANY theme, not just spring. Once again I do offer animation add ons like hypno eyes, tongue bleps, winks, and more so check that out here.

I am also seeking art trades for artwork of Nika, and possibly with Kuee as well. I am only interested in visual artwork, badges, etc this time around, not story commissions or anything else. I can offer like for like art wise but I will only be drawing SFW artwork at the moment so keep that in mind when offering. Please note me or comment with samples of your work and I will consider it!

Open for Icon Commissions and Art Trades


1 April 2019 at 10:38:07 MDT

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    Hey, I would love to do an art trade with you.
    Would you be ok to do an icon/portrait trade? I play furcadia and I am needing a new portrait icon.
    Examples of my art here:

    If you would be interested in a trade please let me know. ^^
    love your art.

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      Ah! I am so sorry I am only now seeing this. Unfortunately I already took on all the trades I can at the moment, but perhaps in the future we could have a trade!

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        sure just let me know.