TOS - 2019 by BlueMoon


The TERMS OF SERVICE will be enforced 100%.
There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

(1) As the artist, I retain ALL rights to the piece.

(2) NO ONE is EVER allowed to edit ANY of my work.

(3) Resale, transfer, or "gifting" of my work is extremely prohibited.

  • I will only allow "gifting" if it is stated before the commission is started.

(4) NEVER remove my signature from any piece.

(5) I will not provide any original (.SAI, .Psd, etc.) files.

  • I will, if requested, E-mail the completed .PNG file to you

(6) If you upload any of my pieces to your gallery give credit.

  • If you refuse to give credit, any/all of my artwork in your gallery will be reported as stolen and subsequently removed.

(7) I am not obligated to keep any works in my account/gallery, or possession.

  • Save your commissions!


(1) All prices are subjective and usually non-negotiable, Unless I've stated otherwise via journal, note, personal message or sale.

(2) Refunds will NOT be given out after the commission has been started!

  • Sorry but you're also paying for my time and I don't want to be half way through a picture and have someone take the payment out from under me, that would mean I've lost time and money I could've been using for someone else's piece, I hope you understand.

(3) I accept Paypal - Do not send "e-checks"

  • On the rare occasion I will accept things like Steam games or Amazon items in exchange for commissions for those who lack a Paypal. - They will always be the exact or slightly below the listed commission price, no $2 games for a $20 commission.
  • (What can I say, I'm a gamer. haha.)

(4) I will draw almost anything you'd like, though if you happen to cross a boundary of something I refuse to draw I will let you know and we can negotiate something or you can decide against commissioning me.

  • All consultation is free~

(5) All information exchanged between commissioner and artist will remain private information.

  • I will not share any of your info such as name, prices paid or E-mail addresses.
  • Once I finish your piece all contact will stop, unless you decide that you'd like to work with me again.

(6) If payment is not received within 48 hours after you have accepted the price your commission will be considered cancelled.

  • You may reopen cancelled commissions, but I will not guarantee that I've kept your commission message or E-mail and you may have to retype everything to send me again.




(1) If you are interested in ordering a commission, please fill out the form located below and send it to me in a note or private message after you finish reading, and please include the passcode so that I know you've read everything - Thank you so much!

(2) All communication will be done through note, private message or E-mail

  • Please do not contact me in more than one spot to talk about one picture, if you start in private message and ask to move to E-mail that is fine but, please do not message me in multiple locations at one time.

(3) Have a Reference Sheet

  • If you do not have a Reference Sheet it will result in a slight fee as I'm basically making you a new characterThese will be accepted with a fee;
  • A very detailed description
  • Images/photographs of people/pets/characters/concepts you wish to commission
  • Note; Characters without a reference will have an added fee as I'm basically making you a new character.
  • Complex characters or concepts may come with a slightly larger fee

(4) Keep messages to a minimum.

  • Please Do Not spam my inbox with short random messages.
  • Get everything together before you send the initial note.
  • The form located below will help you stay organized.

(5) Once everything is ready I will send you payment instruction.

All artwork done is copyright © to me, the artist.

Artwork is not to be altered or reposted unless I have given direct permission for these actions to occur, which is only given by default to the one that purchased the art.
Any and all edited or reposted pieces must be sourced back to me regardless.

(1) Time frame for any work may decrease or increase at any time depending on time of the year, weather, and level of difficulty - feel free to ask.
Always be clear and concise on what you want, try to get in as much information as you think I'll need!

  • Being clear reduces your chances of gaining fees.
  • Deadlines are available for an added fee, if you have a time frame you'd like your image finished in just ask.

(2) I will edit anything on your sketch or finished image, depending on the level you request.

  • Depending on the level of editing requested, fees may occur.Edits should not drastically change or "re-do" your initial request, this WILL add fees or risk cancellation of your commission.

(3) Should an error on my part occur, you will not get a fee for the edit

  • example: forgetting tattoos, jewelry, or glasses.

(4) Additional Charges or Disapproval may occur in certain circumstances.

(4.5) The passcode is BlueRose

(5) There are no discounts given for special occasions, unless I offer otherwise.

  • Do not message me saying, "Can I have this for free because my birthday is coming up" I will say no.

(6) Should anything occur that would disrupt the process of work, you shall be notified.
I'm in a location that has a fair amount of storms, and they often like to knock out my power.

  • I will take a day or two off every now and then, just so I don't burn out and start drawing badly because I haven't rested my wrist in days.I will always notify if I am going to be away or out of town.

If you would like to order a commission from me,
Please fill out the following form and send it in your first note/private message so we can discuss your image further.
These questions are not a limitation, just a starting line.
Check my Price Guide page if you need some help getting started!

  • Your Name;
  • Your E-mail address; (Optional)
  • Your Paypal address; (If you use Paypal)
  • Number of Characters you'd like;
  • Short Description of what you'd like;
  • Did you read the whole TOS; Y/N
  • Do you Agree to the whole TOS; Y/N
  • Passcode; (Found in the TOS)
  • Reference Images or Description;

Once filled out, send it to me in a Note or Private Message
Please make your subject line say “Commission for (YourName)”

By commissioning me or purchasing one of my pieces, you (the commissioner, client, customer) agree to the Terms and Conditions.
If you do not agree to all the information provided here, you will be denied service.

Thank you so much for your time,
I look forward to working with you!

~ Chase Wolfe © 2019

TOS - 2019


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