Open for Spring Themed Icon Commissions! by Recurrent

Hey everyone! I am once again opening up for some more Spring themed icon commissions, this time with a couple more options.

This time around I WILL be allowing mid TF icons! Just please note that these are static icons unless you opt in to have animation for an additional fee. 

I am also trying out something a bit different this time and taking all requests via a Google Form, this should help to reduce questions and streamline the commission process I hope.

I have also added quite a few different animation options to the form that you can add on for an additional fee such as blinks, hypno eyes, tongue bleps, snarls, smiles, etc. Each with pricing estimates clearly visible.

I will currently be taking on three slots to work on throughout the week, and I will start contacting people who have submitted a commission request tomorrow.

Open for Spring Themed Icon Commissions!


30 March 2019 at 12:31:03 MDT

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