Another day... by ShmoogleOsukami

I actually was productive today.

I did the washing up... Finally. I also washed my bedding.... Finally... Oh and I did my usual waterchange and monthly filter clean on my aquarium.

I... really want to enjoy drawing and doing art... But... I still can't get my head around practice make perfect and stuff.... In other words.. I'm impatient... so very... impatient..

Still.. I'm off my meds now. No more addictive anti-depressents for me. Sure... I now suffer crazy levels of brain... implosion.. but.. it's getting better slowly. Only been off them about 2 weeks now. Probably another month before I'm free of side effects, and hopefully my bloodpressure returns to normal soon.

Anxiety is still here, I'm still autistic. I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life. Just living day by day, not remembering many days at all..
Still as messed up as usual. But things are still better regardless.

I keep also wanting to be more involed with the furry fandom but... socializing...

Another day...


25 March 2019 at 15:59:48 MDT

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    Wooh! Productivity! Looks like a good amount of cleaning was done.

    I'd say its not just practice makes perfect, but more so "Keep posting even if you think it's crappy". I post everything I possibly can including sketches or art I think I'll never finish. The motivation comes from comes from me doing Yearly Art recaps LIKE THIS and over years and years looking back on them all is so nice. Also it's nice to just RAIL past me. the most relieving thing I do during recaps is talk to past and future me. I tell Past me to look where I am now, and I tell future me what I hope to see from them. Then a year later I go back and tell Past me how it all went again. After about 3 years you start to see so much changes.

    AH, coming off some psych meds? You stay strong alrighty? Hope things can calm down for your poor brain. -pats your brain-

    -Socializes at you- You try doing like... Character interaction stuff instead? just focus on your characters doing the interacting rather than you? I'll try it out first.
    ULURI boops your fursona/persona with their claw. (Hopefully its not too pointy)

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      Your fursona is so adorable. =w=

      I donno about the character interaction stuff. RPing feels weird, mostly because I rarely do RP or even read/interact with people who do RP.
      My fursona is basically me but looking different. I have been meaning to completely redesign him or update him to reprisent 2019 me and not 2009 me. Those are to very different me's

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        Thank you

        Ah, I didn't mean RP, but Art RP? I didn't know your 'sona, so I did text right before heading offline, but kinda like art asks. I can't RP myself. Bad at it. Words are not my strong suit.

        It's all good to update. Uluri used to have quite a different look many years ago, too, until it finally felt right. (Even some entire color changes).