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I know I haven't been on here long, but I wanted to branch out to different sites just in case :)

I've been wanting to do commissions for a while now, so I finally mustered up the confidence to make this post. I would be extremely appreciative if this is spread!

Commission sheet is posted

I'll also be offering:

  • Anything custom, within reason (i.e avatars)

Terms/Details (in no particular order) :

  • Only animals, please
  • Pricing can be negotiated
  • Information will be exchanged through notes
  • Please be patient and kind
  • I will only use PayPal for transactions
  • Please have a reference sheet at the ready
  • Please do not try and make profit off my work
  • Multiple characters doubles the price
  • I claim full ownership over completed pieces, only share if clear credit is given to me
  • Please provide details of what you want to see (if wanted)

What I won't draw:

  • Anything explicit
  • Humans
  • Architecture

Everything is pretty much on the table. The goal is for both parties to have a good time and satisfaction. Again, please spread this if you want to!

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to ask :)
here goes nothin'...



24 March 2019 at 10:03:20 MDT

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