Updates - Romics fair and special commissions! by Alita Berserker

Hi guys! It's been a while ^.^

Things are getting better, but exams are getting closer. Nothing too hard, I just have to put in the work to finish inking some illustrations. I was planning to upload a speed drawing on Youtube, but the editing is taking more time than I originally expected. 
It will be online soon ^.^ I'll also talk about which materials I used and why I'm using them (with my absolutely perfect English accent, of course 👌🏻[FyreDraygg: yeah right 😒])

I wanted to let you know I'll be attending Romics this year with FyreDraygg on April 6th ^.^
We will be visitors and, as founder and co-founder of HyperuraniumNetwork, we will also have a meeting for our Hyperuranium Friends!

I thought about opening a special format of traditional badges because, if you will attend the fair with us, I'll be able to give them to you personally. I usually don't send my traditional pieces because I don't feel I can trust the mailing services to deliver the products without damages or losses.

Half-body badge will be 20€.
Fullbody badge will be 30€.
(Both feral & anthro. Any species is ok, but dragons are preferred.)

They will be coloured with bright coloured pencils and for a +5€ you can have an additional coloured glitter layer on it!
The badge will come in paper, but for +5€ I'll coat it in plastic for you + a coloured lace of your choice (monochrome).

I'll accept 2 slots. Just note me to take yours and share your ideas with me ^.^

Updates - Romics fair and special commissions!

Alita Berserker

23 March 2019 at 14:30:29 MDT

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