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Hi, I’m a Sonic fan and comic maker. I’m currently making a Sonic comic which is unnamed due to not being able to think of a name and all the names I think of are stupid (Maybe u
guys could help me?). Anyway the story goes as follows: Sonic and Tails are our exploring when all of a sudden a purple fox with wings appears out of nowhere stating that her name was ‘Angel’ and that she came to warn Sonic that a genetic experiment known as Experiment 683 (or ‘683 for short). What she DOESNT know is that 683 is recruiting Sonic’s friends who are mad or hold a grudge at Sonic for some reason. 683 uses them as puppets (literally, with strings and everything) to destroy Sonic. The recruits cannot hold any relationship of any kind, no love, friends or even love between relatives so that the recruits can focus solely on building a relationship with 683. They are also chryogenectically frozen until use. Sonic defeats each one by destroying a floating hand puppeteering them and the person joins Sonic and Angel. The important part: I need decent OCs. Submit YOUR with its behavior, bio and of course, design and if it’s good enough it may be in my comic. Thank you for your time!

Who am I?


21 March 2019 at 18:23:18 MDT

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    This actually sounds pretty cool but unfortunately I don't have a bio for my mobian OC yet aside from her being a singer.