Commission Fees by DonPretzel

Sketches $8
Per sketch, multiple characters and extra things usually +$3 per thing. A sequence, discounts will be added for similar or easy drawings and alternatively drawings may be grouped as together and priced as one.

Lined piece $11
Is price of normal sketch +$3 for linework

Coloured Sketch $10
Is price of normal sketch +$2 for colour

Lined and coloured $13
Is price of lined +$2 for colour

Lined, Coloured and Shaded $21
These'll look the best.

Add background and foreground scenery. +$4
This only applies to coloured commissions and up.

Adding extra characters to a piece +$6 each
Every new image in a sequence is +$8 for when it's a fully shaded piece or +$6 if just coloured.

If you want to upgrade any previous commission to the next level, I'll deduct the price of the commission from the price of the next level.

For discounts on commissions, from 20% to 35% off, see my patreon tiers. And if you do the math, you can save more than the price of your patronage in a single commission, and still get all other patron benefits.

Commission Fees


17 March 2019 at 06:19:32 MDT

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