Life Update - 3/15/2019 by OwenConcorde

This is going to be a long one, but I am going to have to make adjustments to my life for health reasons. Even though I'll still work on getting my driver's licensce and trying to get my freight railroad career going later on next year, I just need to do more healthy eating and excercising because I just went to my doctor's and found out that I have high blood pressure and obsese (I'm not actually a "morbidly obese" person, but still overweight for my own height of 5'11). I'm not going to worry about this and will not try to worry about it because the diet is not that hard to do because my mother and I have been eating healthy for a while now. It's just we need to make adjustments to our life more and this will start next month by doing things like eating less junk food, excercising more, and even adopt a normal eight hour sleep schedule (probably means no talking to someone from a different time zone on Discord at 4:00 AM when they want to ask me something). I seriously need to do this to not only drop some pounds for my next appointment in September, but also to help myself become a happier, healthier person which I will thank myself later on.

I also need to stop ignoring my own problems and just work on them for the sake of making myself into a better person. I need to work on stuff like not getting anxious nor depressed and live freely despite of negative opinions in this world especially how there's tons of things getting politicized out there and people getting offended by things like myself. I'm not trying to go political here, but it's pretty much on both sides of the culture conflict and I don't need to have negative feelings of fighting/bullying someone with completely different opinions to the extent of getting banned from a website which is not a good thing to have. When I do start walking outside as one part of me and my mother's excerise routines it will also help train me and my mind to escape from all forms of negativity and this will help me in becoming more motivated in doing things in life while staying connected with the localized outside world around me.

I'm not sure if I would be able to do requests without juggling quanity and quality, but I'm still going to use art to release my thoughts and express myself like everyone else. It's just I realized that there's important things I need to get taken care of and I just need to spend time to do them especially my own habits.

Life Update - 3/15/2019


15 March 2019 at 01:52:16 MDT

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    I totally understand Owen. I wish you luck in doing what you love to do in the future, and become a healthy positive lifestyle.