Back here but not sure if i should post here too by DJcroc2016

hi guys, i reopened my Weasyl account to check on my friends on this website
not sure if i should take an active role though, if you're looking for my art here's where you can find me:

Back here but not sure if i should post here too


14 March 2019 at 05:18:56 MDT

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    Hiya hello there. If you aren't sure about being able to keep up on multiple sites, I suggest Potsybirb to help on that. As for this site, you gotta put in some effort into the community for the community here to find and react to you as well. Occassionally if you fav something, comment on the artist's work. Maybe post a conversation journal from time to time, descriptions under your own art that might spark a conversation about it.

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      Thanks but i'm a little skeptical about Potsybirb, cause the number of tags is limited on some sites like FA but not on dA and Weasyl as far as i know, how will it resolve this conflict?

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        It lets you know if there's Too much of something based on the site, like it tells you "Too much words" for Twitter. FA's Tag limit is pretty big, though. I usually use around 25-30 tags on occassion even on FA