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Why I, As a New Yorker, Will (Further Encouraged To) Not Be Finding Work in NYC by The People's Billy Mays

Let me set one thing straight: I don’t ususally vent like this, being a heavily withdrawn person, but I am aware that a lot of people who visit my page may not be from New York City, and may desire a local’s perception into NYC life, its culture, and politics, and how they affect a local New Yorker who was raised almost his whole life in the city, someone like me.

Anyways, on with today’s rant/vent/report:

Fact: City residents pay more in taxes than residents of other parts of New York.

Fact: these already high taxes are still rising as we speak

Fact: many New Yorkers tired of these ridiculous taxes are moving away to places like Florida to not pay the unjustifiable bullshit taxes

I wish I can ignore it, but the Dear Mayor Bill De Blasio put out several tweets saying that taxes should be higher as a regulatory measure. Of course he didn’t say it like that, but he gave the gist of it (mainly by saying how “money is in the wrong hands” and such). Of course, how else to fix it by raising taxes?

Does he think the people who see it are stupid? Is he calling the dude who works minimum wage “rich”? Because he too is also paying these taxes, these “regulatory measures”. Why do councilmen and City Representatives like Melissa Mark-Viverito, and Ron Kim are staying silent on this? Because we all know where city taxes go. The City of New York puts them into government pension funds, and wages. Some go to the City Council, some the District Representatives, some to the District Attorneys, so on, and so forth.

But above all, they, of course, go to the mayor. And seeing how the mayor is the most vocal about it, we can see that the mayor needs more of our money.

Normally I’d go satirical writing stuff like this. But as I don’t think satire is my thing on journals, i think I’ll stay serious on here.

The City’s taxes are the highest in the state that I don’t even need to look it up to know that Long Island (excluding Queens, and Brooklyn, of course) has lower income taxes than here in the City. So thus, I’m further encouraged to find work away from the City

Let me make 1 thing clear: it is an encouraging reason, but NOT the original reason why i am working outside of the City. It was originally to escape my toxic family - because they’ve only known the City, they are unfamiliar with the Long Island east of them, i.e Nassau, and Suffolk counties. I am free from my dysfunctional family’s toxicity there. Ergo, I, a City resident, goes to work out of the City. Hudson Valley, and Westchester were potential out-of-city candidates, but I love the ocean, and decided to be near it when I work, and eventually move to out of the City. My final destination, whether North Dakota or an island, is after Long Island, and where is still up in the air.

But the mayor’s absurdities, and the City’s taxes are not exactly encouraging me to come back.


Why I, As a New Yorker, Will (Further Encouraged To) Not Be Finding Work in NYC

The People's Billy Mays

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    I hate that mayor and I don't live anywhere near NYC.
    And I have always said prices should match up to us poor people not the rich people it's total bullsh*t how things are.

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      Well, I can so relate

      Touché. It becomes even more obvious that he just wants the money when you see that fact/part of the fact


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        I'm not the sharpest tack in the pack but I swear I'm smarter then most politicians.

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          True. Oh how the days have changed and gone when you can be smarter than a typical polotician without being the sharpest tool in the shed.


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            Most politicians make me sick these days.
            They need to get their heads out of their butts.