It's Been Far Too Long... by LordDominic

Hello, all. Introductions may be in order, both for anyone new stumbling onto this page, and the handful of watchers I still have here who are still active... You probably knew/know me as Lord Dominic, the weirdo behind such questionable characters as Dominic Mephitto the Skunk Boy, Raccoon Charley, Penny Possum, and Domingo the Bandit Fox.

Back in 2014, I rather abruptly stopped using this site... After the loss of my grandfather, who I was very close with, I found the overall quietness and isolation of this site to make things worse, and with DeviantArt being far more active, I decided to focus my efforts there.

Over time I forgot this site even existed, but I think it's time to try it again. It looks like at some point the thumbnail system was improved, and this site does have some functionality that I wish other sites had, like being able to blacklist certain tags from my browsing. I've been doing a bit of tinkering behind the scenes, cleaning out some submissions and reorganizing my folders and whatnot. I removed most of the people I was watching as well, nothing personal, but more to have a fresh start. I think it's time to give this site a second chance.

Given the very real possibility that DA is gonna go tits up in the near to not-too-distant future, I want to have a second online archive of my work, a backup, and perhaps a new community of people to interact with.

I look forward to meeting some new artists, and reuniting with others that I left here. I can't promise loads of activity, but I do have about five years worth of art to gradually update my gallery with!

Catch-up posting will begin soon, starting with art from 2014. Once I get rolling I hope to post a few things a day. Hopefully, the relative awfulness of my older work won't drive away too many folks!

Stay tuned...

It's Been Far Too Long...


10 March 2019 at 14:16:06 MDT

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    Here. Let me plop down Postybirb so that you can manage your multiple sites at the same time. Give ya some less work. Can also schedule posts.

    DA is probably going to come out pretty fine, even after they roll out Eclipse. Luckily, as long as people advertise it enough, you should be able to bring over new people to cross platform on your other site(s) wit their eclipse rollout as well. Big changes often urge people to expand. Don't stop posting on DA altogether once it changes, though. This site still being relatively the "newest" isn't well known to people, and right now only word of mouth from us current users is what would help this site grow.

    As for posting art on here, keep in mind that the "Front page" will only display your last 3 uploaded works, but "Browse" will show all of them if you upload more than 3 at one time. :3 Getting the most out of your posts doing 3 at a time is probably best.

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      Thanks so much for all of this! Admittedly, I probably overreacted a bit to the DA situation and some people I'm chatting with there are helping me see things from other perspectives, but I have been considering using a second site for some time now. I guess this was just the motivation I needed to give Weasyl a second go! This site's still a bit quiet but I'm hoping to find some of my DA friends here (I posted a journal there as well, saying I was giving Weasyl another shot and I'd like to add them here as well if they had accounts) and make some new friends as well. When I first tried this site in 2014 I met quite a few people who wound up having DA pages and we wound up being friends there even after I went quiet here.

      Of course, I'd rather not abandon DA entirely, but I'd also like to have other options in case that ever becomes necessary. Also, I've been feeling sort of art-blocked for a while, maybe a change of scenery would help. And, best of all, deciding what to port over here from my older works is helping me rediscover some forgotten character concepts and ideas!

      Thanks for the reminder about the front page, as well. One thing I was concerned about was the potential that I'd be "spamming". The current approach I'm thinking of taking is to post three or four things at a time, spaced out by a couple hours, at least while I'm playing catch-up. Do you think that sounds like a good way of going about this?

      Also, I appreciate the cross-posting program! Once I have my gallery here up-to-date, that will certainly come in handy.

      Mind if I ask a small favor, while I have your attention? I see your profile page is set up with different sections and things that seem to be done by you, rather than being default options. It looks like it's all done through text formatting. Do you have, or would you be able to direct me towards, any sort of guides for that sort of thing? I was able to find Weasyl's basic guide to Markdown and that's been a great help so far, but are there any other resources you might suggest?

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        Frequenting other sites really is a refresher. Each art site basically has its own "Artist Style" like how you can tell if someone is a Pixiv, Fa, DA, or Tumblr artist by the general look and feel. It's really neat. Art site Culture. As for DA's change, seeing new stuff is always a big shock for people because its hard to find what you already knew about. About as difficult as trying out a new art site. Even if Eclipse isnt near finished yet, though, I do find it hard to keep the site in eclipse version to access everything. Just gotta give them as much feedback as you can (both positive and negative to help encourage their team to move forward).

        -Rambles- To help this site grow, I've been experimenting with a lot of things to figure out what can help it get out there. I made a DA Group for it so DA artists can stumble upon it, I'm currently planning on making a youtube video about all the things I like about it. That might help it. Uhhhhh. last month I got an FA Ad SPace for myself linked to my profile and doing that doubled the amount of people who came online here. So I sent staff a note saying that it'd be way good for them to get one of their own. I hope they actually do.

        Weasyl uses both Markdown: and HTML formatting. My profile is formatted with both markdown and HTML. the Color is html.
        I make Text Colors using <span style="color:#ff8800">TEXT</span> and use THIS SITE to grab the color code I want. If you post something up using Postybirb coding it with BBcode, then it will auto-translate the post to the type of html code that Weasyl uses so that you can get a good look at the html, since Postybirb auto-translates codes. The sections on my Profile are the "Quote" Markdown code. I find it rather pleasing to break up the sections that way.

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          I have to say, you taking the time to leave helpful comments is awesome, and goes a long way towards making me feel like there's a "community" here. Also, I'm guessing it was you that added a couple tags to the journal? I didn't even think about that, thanks!

          You've noticed that too? I love noticing little trends like that. Does Weasyl have its own "art site culture" yet? I remember this site getting traction because a bunch of people were leaving FA because of some drama (but what else is new?) and I decided to try it because I was just hearing about it at that time. It still seems so quiet, though. Which is fine, I get the feeling that a lot of people look at this as a sort of "backup" or "Plan B", which is perfectly valid.
          While I'm on the subject, have you noticed any particular trends on what's popular on this site? What does Weasyl like?

          I also found it nearly impossible to use Eclipse, and infinite scrolling is a deal-breaker! I'm hoping they add a way to disable that. But some of the other folks I talked to had also pointed out that things like the admin areas for groups weren't accessible at all, or weren't working properly yet, and that there were some other things that hadn't even seemed to have been considered yet. "Manage Deviations" was inaccessible as well. So, I overreacted, like a lot of people seem to have, but hey, we're passionate about the site and want to be able to use it for years to come.

          I've been recommending this site to a few of my other friends who are apprehensive about Eclipse, and just trying to see who else I know that might either be here or have a dormant account they might consider dusting off as well. Maybe just getting a few more active users on here would help, from what I've seen while browsing the overall quality of the art seems higher, and there are less spam and troll accounts and (sorry to age-gate but it's kinda noticeable vs. DA) kids. So maybe this is a "quality over quantity" sort of deal. Which makes me a bit more worried about spamming my backlog of art I want to archive here... I don't want to irritate anyone or bury other artists' work in the browse. I think there's a way to not have a submission appear on the front page? Maybe I'll use that for some of the stuff that *I* want to archive here but might not really be my best work.

          Oh, you're right! Those are just quote boxes! Clever. Reminds me of playing with Lego, it's about using the pieces in different ways. Thanks for the pointers! The Markdown functions a lot like Discord, but with more features like turning links into text, I was happy to realize it's a system I'm already somewhat familiar with.

          As for Postybirb, I've seen it mentioned a couple other times now that I think about it... a few artists I watch on DA will have "Posted using Postybirb" at the bottom of their descriptions but never gave it much thought... I'll definitely have to give that a try once I'm updating Weasyl and DA simultaneously. Right now I'm pretty much browsing my DA gallery for the older art I want to have here and copying the descriptions, can Postybirb help with cross-posting things that are already posted elsewhere?
          It looks like it might even make DA's current scheduled submissions feature obsolete! I do see it says the program has to be running, so if I scheduled something to post at 6pm and didn't get home from work and turn on the computer until 6:30, what happens then? Does it just post ASAP or would that screw it up?

          Sorry if I'm a bit wordy. I do that sometimes.

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            I did add tags. Yup. The sites super heavy tag reliant.

            I love artsite culters. Weasyl doesn't have one yet since most folks on here are a shamble from all other art sites still. Actually, the reason Weasyl got attraction from FA was because FA went down for 2 months like 6 years ago, and then 4 years ago IMVU became the owner and people over-reacted. OH WAIT, 2 years ago I remember someone attempted to delete the site XD That was really interesting. I was online when that started. FA hasn't had issues since.

            A lot of people do give weasyl a "Backup" mentality. Which I really really would like to change since it hurts the site a lot. As for what kind of content is Popular... uhhh I have... too many blacklisted tags to know. XD But from what I can tell, in the SFW environment, full scenery artwork is really popular. Art like that hits "Today's popular" on front page all the time. ARt from sifyro flashw and goodwolf hit front page quite often. I've been able to reach front page occassinoally myself, but also with artwork I work rather hard on.

            Eclipse is indeed still currently a bit to unusable for me to stay in. I have to keep switching back and forth to get to what I need. The quality of art on here is actually a lot higher overall, as you've noticed. Though that might be people not uploading their more sketchy work to here. The folks who are here normally post their whole galleries, but folks moving in choose their bests. HOWEVER, Post your art how ya want. This site doesn't have a "Quality filter" like Newgrounds. You can make a Folder that has the Option to not show on the front page (basically you can make a scraps folder) but I think that you should post your artwork unbarred. It will reach out to more people/more eyes. I post everything I ever make here, including sketches, just like I would my other mains.

            Postybirb has the credit set on, but you can also turn it off, too. I post everything with postybirb. try to make up for not having the link by sharing it with folks. I don't think Postybirb can post Already posted content, but it takes Copy/Pasting pretty well for descriptions/links. So, I usually do scheduling like When I know I'm home or am leaving my computer on.

            Your find being wordy. XD i'm the same. i literally started off with a mini essay.

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              I am noticing that, whether intentional or otherwise, this is definitely a "furry site" so I can see why tags are helpful. Admittedly, I'm not always the best at tagging, especially since I don't often know slang, fandom terms, etc. that might be useful. Especially when it comes to fetish-oriented terms and furry-specific terms. If you ever have any suggestions, let me know! I'll try to make use of them in the future.

              Maybe the identity of this site will turn out to be "a quieter place away from the drama of other sites"? It seems quieter, and with way less drama, and overall it's far more consistent, no Eclipse, no changing hands, nothing that causes the turmoil the other sites see. As it stands it's too quiet, though. Maybe that will change in the future, but I hope that doesn't come with the issues the bigger sites have. Does Weasyl itself ever hold any community events or anything?

              This probably sounds weird from someone that draws chubby cartoon animals and wound up here, but I'm not really a "furry" and never used FA. I've heard about all the drama, though. That, along with its reputation for said drama, and its reputation for being buggy and basically a porn site, have kept me away. I've been told by a few folks that I'd probably do well there, but I don't know if I'd ever bother. I don't really have the best opinion of furries because of many past experiences.
              Then again, my initial impression of DeviantArt back in 2011 was "that site full of traced anime and Sonic recolors", but a couple of people were able to convince me otherwise. It was a site full of traced My Little Pony and My Little Pony recolors! I often compare it to YouTube, a large site with tons of user-generated content where various communities just sort of form organically, but there will always be those trending things. I remember when Five Nights at Freddy's was a thing. I've actually got a few characters in that style, although I'm hesitant to post them here because I think most people are super tired of FNAF at this point and the burnout is real. Then again, I also don't think of them as "fan characters", while inspired by that aesthetic, I quickly went in my own direction with everything else about them as characters and as part of a larger world.

              Those three artists you showed me all have very high-quality work. I can see why they're popular. Might throw them a watch myself, I've been making sure to take time to browse and interact rather than simply dumping my art and running. This site so far seems to reward original work over fan art, or at the very least, not have a lot of active influence from fandoms. I was referring more to what subjects were popular, though. Certain character types, species, aesthetics, and so on. Not that I'm necessarily worried about pandering, but sometimes knowing what people like is good for direction when I'm dealing with art block.

              Archiving and cross-posting has been interesting so far. I've been rediscovering a lot of things I drew years ago that I forgot about. Seeing both how I've improved and what sort of things are part of my personal art style. Being selective about what I post is going to be important in the future, though. At least there's no "quality filter", official or otherwise. Forever ago I think I had a "Scraps" folder set up, in fact, I'm pretty sure I got that idea from the 10 or so other people I started following as soon as I joined, when we were all sorta learning at the same time. Sadly, none of them seem to be active here anymore.

              I have to say, I really do like the idea of having folders that don't show on the front page, or don't generate notifications, or are visible to friends only--three features I'd love to see on other sites! And blacklisting tags! Not just for fetish content either, I can see that coming in handy for avoiding spoilers for movies and TV shows, or if there's something that's trendy and everywhere that I'm just tired of seeing and need a break from.

              Thanks again for putting up with me, it's super refreshing to have a chill discussion.

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                *Jumps in. "Furry" in quotes because Weasyl is actually supposed to be an "All-rounder" site like DeviantArt. It just so happened furries found it first and non-furs are like "Ew, I don't want to put my humans next to their animal people". It's a bit of a catastrophe on that end. As for tags, is a good place to learn various fetish names and what they are. Out of the things I usually end up having to add tags to, its soft_vore, hard_vore, penis_vore, hyper_[insert any bodypart], large_breasts, so that the filter system actually works. (most people who draw vore, don't use the more specific tag, same with hyper, and boobs.) All the other artist types are pretty good on tagging their work enough.

                Long Version of Tagging Help:
                Short Version:

                Other: (including colors used)

                Weasyl has held community events in the past. There were various contests, like a "draw this for Halloween" one I remember. That was fun. I'd like to see them do a contest again. I'll spread that around like mad and participate as well.

                FurAffinity: Let me open your eyes, because people who say that are bullshit (mind my language. ima rant) who don't even try to turn off their SFW button. FurAffinity is not just for Furries and furry artists. Human artists are found on there as well, too. And there is a pretty darn large SFW community, and I know so because I'm a SFW artist (plus gore. Maybe an occassional nsfw for myself 4 times a year). FA is NOT a porn site. The thing about an art site is, what you surround yourself with is what you get. If you watch NSFW artists, of course you'll see a lot of nsfw. You watch a lot of sfw artists, you're gonna see a lot of sfw. You post sfw, you're gonna get sfw watchers. Open for Foot Fetish Commissions? You're gunna get Foot fetish commissioners. The important thing about any art site is that you should Post Art you like and watch artists you want to watch. Don't want drama, don't comment on people's stuff who are throwing a hissy fit. Unwatch people who only complain. (This goes for all art sites).

                Ups about FurAffinity: Great for Commissioner artists. (It's a known secret Furries can't keep hold of their money. They love to support artists, and buy artwork). Personal and original content goes over well there. Active and pretty participating community, just gotta keep posting and you'll grow as an artist. Great place to just be yourself, and if you have questions about something you couldn't normally ask, its open enough a place to be able to ask.

                Weasyl: most of Weasyl's community did come from FA, so the support of artists and original content came from there. As for content that's liked, the sites kind of not got that. Like I mentioned above, though, it's kind of a good idea to draw and post the things you like more than what you think other people like. When you post something, you will attract people who also like that something and who will want to see more of that something you posted. (Don't post Pokemon if you don't enjoy drawing pokemon). This site is actually even more heavily meant for that with its tag filter setting, too, so that people have the freedom to post their content that other people might find gross. As such I have 60+ blacklisted tags of content I don't like seeing so that I can enjoy even the artists who post that, I can enjoy other parts of their gallery safely.

                So, I had 2 years I didn't post on here a long while ago, and when I came back it was like BBBLWWEEE My art grew! XD Seeing older art is always really crazy. I love it. I do an art recap each year because its so cool to see over the years. There are lots of people on here who have left or forgotten this place. I'd like the site to be revived fully again one day like after the FA Apocalypse back in 2013.

                I have YCh and Adopts on my blacklist too since I'm not a commissioner and not interested. I'll take em off if I ever get into the mood to buy anything. And actually other sfw content I don't like. mlp is one, and fnaf, too actually. I didn't even think about spoilers. That's a really good idea. Especially for the upcoming Gen8 pokemon series if you ain't interested in getting spoiled for new pokemon leaks (I am. i love leaks. they're the funnest part). The folder go the other way around, too. I made a featured folder that I've been putting my YCHs, Projects, and COmmission Announcements in so they appear on front page and cycle through. Good self advertising :D More than one featured image. (OH! I should remember to put that on my Video when I make it! Folders have many uses here)

                Thanks for being able to sit through my text walls as well. Most people don't. I am a wordy menace.

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                  I really do appreciate that you're willing to tolerate me. At some point I'll have to put up another journal. Maybe try something a bit more open-ended. "Ask Me Anything" stuff kinda worked on DA because I had a handful of active watchers, but here, I may have to get creative... Something to drum up mutual engagement like "here's a list of my five favorite pieces I've done, share your own favorite work in the comments" might do the trick. Or just talking about my activities. "Okay here comes my 2015 art, here's some stuff that happened during that year, tell me about your 2015 in art" might be a good conversation starter too!

                  You know, I did hear a few times that Weasyl was made for general art, and it was more a victim of circumstance in that regard. I know my initial impression was that it was for animal art, be it anthro or otherwise. The little mascot is adorable and wholesome but furries have pretty much become inseparable from "anthro" in the eyes of the internet at this point. I think what really hurt this site, and even hurts it now, is the relative inactivity, along with it just becoming "another furry site". I feel like my art fits in here, though. It's cartoon, but it's anthro, and much like those Disney cartoons I grew up on, it definitely has its appeal to that demographic.
                  But I also draw half-human "kemonomimi" (forgive me if that's not the proper term, characters that are mostly human but with some animal parts like ears and tails and sometimes noses), and human characters, and when I get bored, vehicles and scenery and buildings and objects. So I suppose all of that would be welcome here, too! That's a relief.

                  Once again, thanks for the help with this subject! While I don't draw much actual "fetish" stuff and nothing I've done has ever really warranted a mature content rating (even when I do anything with nudity, all the censorable bits are covered somehow), I can see why I might want to tag such things for people who are more sensitive. I forgot what I have blacklisted currently but I think it was just some really obvious fetish tags I didn't like, and MLP. I wouldn't even know that there were different forms of "vore" were it not for looking into this. It's something that I don't like at all, even though I have no problem with seeing art or photos of animals walking around with parts of other animals in their mouths or biting each other or whatever. In fact, back in 2004 when I was first starting, one of my favorite drawings was of two hyena creatures reenacting the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp, but with an intestine. Gross, but also comedic.

                  So, while I'm sometimes hesitant to use any sort of obvious fetish tags that might even remotely be relevant as to not attract unwanted attention, it might also be the responsible thing to do. I guess I never really felt it relevant to tag things like a character's sex/gender or coloration, but I can see why that might be useful. Normally I go for "furry" and "anthro" or "feral" depending on what's relevant for describing the body plan, "cartoon" and "toon" because of my style, maybe "sketch" if applicable, then species, then just sorta wing it from there. "Fat", "chubby" and "fatfur" come up at times, although I'm not sure most of what I do actually qualifies as "fatfur" because while they are chubby, they're not so... exaggerated. If that makes sense. "Underwear", "undies", and the style of undergarment also comes up a fair bit. If there's a notable prop or object in the scene, or the location/scene and sometimes the time of day, things more related to the atmosphere and aesthetics I often tend to overlook, though. This is actually helpful insight since I'm more of a "browser" than a "searcher" when it comes to discovering new art.
                  If there's ever a tag you think would be helpful, feel free to add it! And if there's something that would be relevant more often that I'm overlooking, shoot me a message. I get the feeling some might see it as intrusive, or like backseat moderating, or like they're being put on blast but I get the feeling that many people-yourself included-do so with the right intentions.

                  When the "FNAF-inspired art that has little to do with FNAF aside from the aesthetics" comes up, should I tag as "FNAF" or use a more neutral, yet relevant tag like "animatronic"? I view the latter as a relevant species description alongside "robot" or "machine" so I'd use it regardless, but the former seems like it would be better suited to actual fan-art. Also, for future reference... should I tag art of infant/toddler characters with things like "diaper" even though that's definitely more heavily used by the fetish community? Honestly I feel like "baby" and "babyfur" and "cub" or "pup" or whatever the relevant baby animal term is, is enough.

                  This also reminded me that DA is doing away with categories in Eclipse, so it'll be the same sort of "category" system as here on Weasyl... while restricting the number of tags allowed to 10 or 15. That's all sorts of stupid. Does Weasyl have a tag limit I should know about? I'm used to keeping my tagging short and sweet but if it's beneficial to go all-out, I'd rather know how deep the pool is before diving in, so to speak.

                  I don't want to brush over this but I'm worried about making this TOO wordy, especially when we should both be doing art stuff, but thanks again for describing FA in a better light. Admittedly, most, if not all, of the friends I've talked about it with have been involved primarily for the various fetish aspects, and aren't even artists and instead just repost art they've gotten from others, and they're more "furry" (ie interested in and partaking in more of the social and subculture aspects), and not the general art. My perception of both the userbase and intent is based on my experience. I'm now a bit more open to trying it, and like I said previously my initial opinion of DA was very low before a few people took the time to explain otherwise. I'd still be worried that a SFW artist who mostly draws chubby cartoon animals with long messy hair being silly for fun, but doesn't want to talk about fetishes or get into roleplay or look at porn and honestly finds the pun-based "furspeak" really cringey would be out of place.

                  I feel like so many people don't see the value of tag blacklisting beyond blocking content they personally find distasteful or offensive, which is definitely a good thing of course. It has applications beyond user-side censorship. The "spoilers" argument is a great one, and I feel like it would work great if fan artists tagged their work as "(fandom here) spoiler" or just "spoiler", which I've seen some already do. Or, for temporarily (or permanently) opting out of seeing something I'm just not really interested in, or think is currently overexposed.

                  Oh, while browsing around I saw some art of the Weasyl mascot (Wesley, right?) in Halloween costumes, like it was a base for artists to dress him up in costumes. Kinda sad I missed that, now that I think about it. Although, my favorite one was of him in a tutu with fairy wings so maybe it's a good thing I wasn't around to embarrass the poor guy with my own ideas.

                  It's so cool to see the evolution of an artist's style over the years! That's a huge reason I want to archive much of my older work here before posting current work, I don't want to lose it. There are a LOT of things I look at and think "oh, the nose looks so weird" or "why is the head so big/small" but I think that many artists are their own harshest critics. Sort of like how food you didn't cook always tastes better than your own cooking.

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                    Conversation Journals are good. I like being able to comment. Lots of people only post like.... Commissisons open journals or stuff that aren't all that easy to reply to.

                    The innactivity is indeed a killer. People come here with intents to Spam upload, Don't come back for a month, then wonder why no one commented on their art. Then they make a big ol stink journal about how the site's innactive and that they're leaving. Gotta put some effort into a community first to gain a community of your own. Kemonomimi is the right term. Human with animal parts. SO, even if this was a furry site, all furry sites allow Human art, and the only two you have to pay attention to their rules are Inkbunny and Sofurry that only half allow.

                    Hard_vore > It's gore where the theme is being killed, maimed, eaten like normal. Example link. I list everything that I can think of a combo of My past and current self would use to search for something. I remember using terms like cat boy, kitty boy, cat guy black cat boy, so I remember to add synonyms, too. And Today now with knowledge of better terms, I also add in acurate terms.

                    So, I like teeth and I like gore. My art interests cross into the vore work (with hard_vore) although the art isn't fetishistic in that manner. I don't tag my Gore where someone's being eaten as vore, but hard_vore because the purpose of the art isn't to be vore (the fetish theme). And I don't tag my art that has an emphasis on teeth (I just tag teeth) for the same reason. SFW content that lays in the fetish realm be weird.

                    Teeth Paws and Claws (sfw art): I have teeth, paw, and claw on this one because there is indeed an emphasis on all those things here without it being fetish related. If it were, I'd probably add the tags pawfetish paw_fetish and nsfw.

                    FNAF: Mecha mech anamatronic mechanical machine robot. If the art isn't fnaf, there's no need to add fnaf as a tag. There are more anamatronics and robots than those guys existing in the world. For Fatfur, well from what I see fatfur when turned fetish is often added to with tags such as hyper_fat hyper weightgain expansion macro. If your character is simply a normal chubby/fat character, typing chubby fat would be good enough without the fetish category attached to it. I'd say it becomes fetish territory when the character's bodyweight would be dangerously fat irl and thus fatfur, the fetish category where the character is defined by their fatness.

                    infant/toddle characters: cub babyfur kidfur young. Only use Diaper if the art involves Daipers because Babyfur is quite different than diaperfur and diaper art. They are two different things. A Cub, babyfur, kidfur are entirely related to the age of character being younger. While Diaper related things often cross over into babyfur, it is a seperate thing as it can also apply to non-babyfur characters (so diaper is an addition, to something rather than part of that something). Diaperfur would consist of tags such as diaper diaperfur abdl(stands for adult baby diaper lover) adultbaby used_diaper wet_diaper messy_diaper. These are tags often associated with diaper related artwork.

                    Tag Limit: There is no tag limit on Weasyl that I've seen. I've added probably up to 30 tags to one of my pieces before. It's really dumb that Eclipse is adding a tag limit sooo small. I average 20 tags on many of my artworks. Especially ones involving multiple characters of different species.

                    FA; I'm a SFW (and Gore) artist, so I have some pretty good sight into the SFW community. All you have to do is at the top of your profile in nice bold text you put "SFW ARTIST" and most folks leave you alone. AFter that, the remaining 5% of bad comments you might recieve can simply just tell them "I am uncomfortable with those types of comments". The last percentage who has no respect for people that don't listen to that, just simply block. Ain't no need for someone to be a disrespectful poop. (PS: Furry Conventions are literally the same as anime conventions, except that there's more hanging out and silly games panels.) Oh, there really isn't as much "furspeak" as some would think. I think furspeak is mostly used as bad puns when thanking people for watching them. X) So... furspeak is often used as a joke or for irony, and the people who do have in-character puns aren't very cringy and often hide em in pretty well. Similarly the difference between Anime where someone will constantly say "~nyan" after every sentence vs sneaking in an occasional "Nyow I see what's going on here." because the character is a Cat.

                    Blacklisting Benefits: Don't see stuff you find gross, Spoilers, Taking breaks from certain content, Being able to watch artists who draw only one thing you don't like but has awesome art the rest of the gallery :D Yo, I dont know why, but when I tell people what you can do with a blacklist they usually respond to me with "But then that artist isn't get their art seen more/I won't find that artists cool work." <_<; So... you often click on content you hate, and find artist through content you hate just to determine if you like the rest of that artist? I don't think I've ever gotten a watch from my gore art from someone who hates gore. Mostly just hate notes. Lots of hate notes and not-watches(blocks).

                    Wesley is indeed the mascot. I like his White Fur the best. That was one of the contests they had, indeed.

                    Sometimes art from back then is liek "I drew that good thing?" and others are "Woah, I thought that was a good thing then" its so weird.

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                      Before I get back into this... when I went to download Postybirb, a Firefox plugin from my antivirus tried to block the download, and then when I did get it downloaded, Windows blocked the program from running. Is that a common occurrence? I'm guessing it's just due to how it works (logging into accounts and posting to them) but I don't want to risk it without researching it further and I guess that would start with asking someone that's used it in the past. I don't see why it would be that different from things like Thunderbird that access email as a third-party utility.

                      I have no idea how to respond to advertisement journals either. Like, if I'm not interested, it's kinda rude and beyond pointless to comment "I'm not interested". Same goes for not having money to commission someone. I saw a comic strip about that actually. "I'm broke! Time to find every artist that has open commissions and let them know!"
                      I know someone on DA who I met through Weasyl that is no longer active here that used to post really good conversation-starter journals there, that was fun. I'll have to come up with some ideas, wouldn't hurt to try to engage with the DA crowd more, especially if Eclipse turns out to not be the nightmare its current (yes, I am aware it's pretty early on and in beta, but still) incarnation leads many to believe it is.

                      On the plus side, when I went to show my roommate who isn't a premium member and couldn't access it yet what it looked like, I found I didn't hate it as much as I did a week ago, although I still think it needs a LOT of work. He, in turn, showed me a bit of FA's user interface but didn't seem to understand what I meant when I tried to describe "inbox" to him. You know, that place what where you see the art from people you're following and see journals and see your comments?

                      I'm not super worried about getting famous for doodling cartoon animals but even I know you gotta interact! Reply to comments, engage with the site and the people on it, stuff like that. I'm trying to make a point of faving and watching as well as just posting, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that this site just seems to have a lot of stuff I haven't encountered on DA, probably because it's so big and busy.
                      I'm worried that posting three or four things an hour would be "spamming", I don't want to crowd other artists off the site, even with the front page restricting it to your three newest, browsing newest submissions could still result in a flood of my work choking out others. That's just not good citizenship!

                      So I was right with "kemonomimi" and "hard vore" would be if I actually drew a critter getting its leg torn off by another critter or something? Basically, "predation" I guess. Like it's not the more fetish-oriented "swallowed alive" kind. Also, I like that one example you linked, I'll just comment my thoughts there after I post this reply. The rest of your advice was helpful too, I've been looking into tagging a bit more with Eclipse imposing a limit, so I can tag more accurately and effectively within those confines.

                      But for the sites without silly tagging restrictions... Basically, if it's emphasized, tag it? That's sort of how I was doing it, but I never thought it was really relevant to tag my big-toothed critters "teeth" or "fangs", but I'll try it here and on DA to see if it has any noticeable effect. A lot of my characters, especially older designs, have saberfangs.

                      Many of my characters are chubby or fat, but not morbidly obese, so any of the "hyper" tags probably don't apply, and I probably don't need to worry about weight-fetish-specific terms, and I'm aware of "macro" and things like weight gain and inflation but those probably don't apply either. So I'm probably doing alright there by sticking to fat, chubby, fatfur and perhaps "belly" if relevant.

                      Admittedly, I used to draw some diaperfur stuff alongside regular babyfur, but it was something I had mixed feelings about for years before recently deciding to just stop, at least for the time being. I was more interested in the embarrassment of it, as diapers have unique properties and connotations that work for that, but every other diaper person I ever encountered was into the scat and urine side of it and that made me super uncomfortable.
                      Anyways, I have exposure to some of those fetish terms but always felt weird using them, usually just tagging "diaper" and "diaperfur" but I always considered "babyfur" to be something a bit different.

                      What would be some useful tags for characters being embarrassed? One of my recurring themes seems to be these bigger characters ripping their pants, or having their pants fall down. I'm guessing embarrassed/embarrassment, ripped pants, wardrobe malfunction, pantsed, and of course relevant undergarment-related tags, but is there anything else you can think of?

                      Also I apologize if I'm going into too much detail if these are things you don't like. I do appreciate your maturity, however. Many of my DA watchers are also pretty chill about just removing something they disliked from their notifications, I haven't had anywhere near the sort of harassment that some other artists get. Which, honestly, I think has to do with mixing fandom and fetish, because it puts a spotlight on it and exposes people who might not like, say, diaper fetish, to it, if they search Pokemon and see a bunch of Pokemon in diapers.

                      Different perspective is what I needed on this, thanks again! Although I have had numerous friends over the years who used FA, all of them, to some degree, were engaged in some sort of fetish scene. Which is fine, it's just not for me. A couple other people have also told me that simply making it clear I'm a SFW artist should work wonders. I guess it's not the free-for-all I've been led to believe it is, or I've just consistently been very unlucky in the sorts of people I meet, or it's confirmation bias--a lot of people I do like and respect and trust also use FA and/or have more interaction or participation with "furry" as a fandom than I do say it's not quite as bad as it's made out to be even if the stereotypes have some basis in reality. Let's just say, a future presence on FA is a possibility now.

                      You make all the same points about a blacklist that I do! I'm all for user-side empowerment like that, being able to opt out of something you find distasteful means you simply won't be exposed to it, and it's way, WAY more mature than going after an artist who draws something you don't like simply for expressing themselves. Like I mentioned previously, I often felt awkward posting the occasional diaperfur thing and exposing my watchers who might not be here for that to it. They were mature enough to just ignore it, but I would feel more comfortable if people who didn't want to see it didn't see it at all. Blacklisting puts that power in the hands of individual users. Maybe it's the fact that they have to take personal responsibility for not seeing what they don't like that bothers some. And, if anyone ever says "some people don't tag/don't tag properly, so it's useless", I'd respond by pointing out that stop signs don't physically stop cars, it's up to the drivers to follow the rules, yet we aren't getting rid of stop signs because they're not 100% effective. Nothing's perfect but something that's helpful most of the time is preferable to nothing at all. I'd rather a viewer block half my content but still be able to enjoy my work, than block me outright because of that percentage they didn't like. That's a lost opportunity.

                      I really hope DA considers implementing a similar system in the future, it would be a godsend. I could filter out whatever video game Markiplier is playing this week that I get tired of seeing everywhere until the hype dies down, and not be exposed to a bunch of fart fetish stuff every time I post art of a skunk and decide to see who is faving it.

                      Speaking of... I do have a couple cartoon humor type pics that involve a character breaking wind (with the cartoon cloud with music note, nothing nasty or exaggerated), how would it be best to tag such a thing if I want people to be able to filter it, but not necessarily attract actual fetishists? I've found that putting a disclaimer like "if you're into this as a fetish, that's cool but I don't want to hear about it" in the description has limited success, but I also worry about the "snowball effect" that fetish art seems to have when it comes to favorites, and in turn, exposure.

                      I like that Wesley has both a brown and white coat! He goes through seasonal color phases just like real weasels, that's pretty cool. I'm a fan of mustelids in general and find most of them to be adorable.

                      What does that "SFW button" here do, exactly? Simply let me toggle between mature content being visible or not without changing my browsing settings?

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                        It's probably coming up like that because you would be logging into multiple sites all at once from one space and that's probably what's alerting your computer. Its easy to see why computer would see it as scary. Windows 10 blocks everything I try to download (like steam games, Minecraft, Sims) though. Windows 10 is very cautious. The creator of Postybirb is someone from FA you can talk to, too.

                        Ad Journals: Shivers at the thought of those comments mentioning "Not interested", though, I'm also apprehensive to respond "Not a Commissioner" when people ask for "Who's interested?" Hmmm.

                        Eclipse: It def needs work, and I really hope they do some good work on it. Seeing Eclipse now vs 3 months ago, it's def way more functional than it was. Not as up to par as Classic, though. (FA's beta layout is really nice. And functional. And mobile ready.) You mean the Message/Notifications center? "Inbox" is specifically "Place for viewing notes/private messages" to me.

                        Flooding: 3 every hour or 3 every two hours is fine to me. I usually just wait for my stuff to get off front page before I post more stuff. The most troubling thing are the folks who wall off 20 spaces in one go. That's rough.

                        Teags: Yup, Got Kemonomimi right. Right, Hard vore is regular predation while Soft vore is the fetishy being swallowed alive bulgy belly stuff. I tag things that I emphasize in the art, yes. Someone might try to find Uluri by looking up "orange claw monster" or something dumb like that if they don't know it by Uluri. You're taking your plump character art just fine. :)

                        Diaperfur: SO, I love the babyfur community. I don't mind drawing Babyfur and I also don't mind drawing them in diapers. Lots of very lovely and Kind people in the babyfur community. A lot of my friends I learned are actually babyfurs/kidfurs. Oh, but I know what you mean that there's a lot of them into scat and urine stuff. I honestly think I only met five diaperfurs who are only into the embarassment or poofiness of diapers and/or are respectful of other people's dis-interests towards those other associated topics. Also, your embarrased tags are all good. usually if its involving cloths I also use the tags "clothes" and "clothed".

                        Nah, I'm super okay with general conversation, even if it's something not of my particular interest. I still like understanding stuff. helps me out because knowledge is power. WHen I plopped SFW artist on my profile, it basically became 99% ok aside from about once a year getting the occassional "Draw nsfw" ruffian (Not counting artwork that is actually nsfw that I might draw). Surprisingly, folks read profiles.

                        So, being a Gore artist, I've had similar experience as your diaperfur. ON occassions some of my watchers would not me to let me know they had to unwatch me because they couldn't handle that type of content having only watched because of the cute stuff. Completely understandable, and I wish on other sites there was blacklists so that I could prevent that type of thing for them. On "Some people don't tag" on sites that have blacklists almost everyone tags their artwork because it's just "the normal thing to do". Looking into how many people tag ON DA even (someone made a blacklist mod for DA) A LOT of people even tag on DA without it being emphasized feature. I sent it in as a feedback suggestion to them for Eclipse and also on THIS THING.

                        "I'd rather a viewer block half my content but still be able to enjoy my work, than block me outright because of that percentage they didn't like. That's a lost opportunity."

                        Fart: This is literally the only fetish that I can't find a proper supplement for. The only tag people ever use for it is "fart" fetish or not. (I mean, even tickle fetish artists use the tag ticklefetish. TuT C'mon guys.) There is no safe tagging for fart to not attract people interested in it as a fetish that I've been able to find used.

                        SFW button is indeed the button to switch over between General and Mature content without changing your settings. It's the "OH SHIT my parent decided to come over without calling" button.

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                          Oh, for sure. That's why I figured it was a false positive on the antivirus, and I think Windows had a hissy fit because it couldn't find the publisher info or something like that. Figured I'd ask before I messed with it, though, account security and computer security are worth taking seriously. Yours blocks Steam games and Minecraft and Sims? I remember those user account things in Windows 7 doing that sometimes too, at least for Steam. I think it's possible to adjust the sensitivity or security level somewhere, but this is seriously the first time I've ever seen that particular pop-up.

                          I'm not a commissioner, either... I should probably commission some of my friends once my finances are better sorted (no current crises, just car payments) but I don't exactly need art like those that have FA galleries full of commissioned art but can't/don't draw for themselves. People definitely gotta advertise though, as you said before, "it's no secret that furries can't hold on to money". I did some commissions in 2016 because I lost my job, but after that, well, I'm hesitant to ever open commissions again because art is my hobby, and turning it into a job made it super stressful. A hobby should be fun, not stressful.

                          Hopefully everything turns out OK with DA. The site does need some serious work, and I think some of what happened with FA/IMVU is kinda mirrored in DA/Wix. People are wary when a corporation shows up, some things change, but overall it's probably beneficial to have more resources behind an art site. I've noticed Weasyl sometimes loads slowly, and has those "technical difficulty" screens more commonly than DA has (for me at least). I want to be able to post that journal that says "wow, Eclipse turned out alright and I overreacted and I'm sticking around and staying active like I always have been... but just in case, here's my Weasyl page too".

                          Ah, terminology issue. Explains the confusion, then. I'll see if he can show me again, since it's useful to see it in person, with someone who actually knows how to use it from experience. He did show me where all his art from artists he follows was, and his notes, but I'm guessing since he doesn't draw and he doesn't post commissioned work all that often, he doesn't get a lot of feedback since he's not as active as you or I might be.

                          I wasn't sure what your stance on babyfur/diaperfur was so I was hesitant to talk about it. I love drawing babyfur stuff! It's like the best parts of animal babies and human babies so it's often really cute. You say you've met five diaperfurs that like the poofiness or the embarrassment and are respectful of not being into the diaper use, that's five more than I can say I've ever met. First I wound up setting all my diaper art on DA to the most restrictive sharing options (logged in, discourage sharing) but then I just put it all into storage, and nobody has even noticed. I might be oversharing a bit but I've felt weird about liking it for years, before I even put any of it online, and I finally reached a point where "maybe I don't want or need this in my life" and I put it all into storage. I can't say I really miss it tbh. Maybe it'll come back at some point, who knows.
                          But I still love drawing baby characters and one of my most popular characters over on DA is a little aardwolf named Manhaar and he's really fun to draw. The roommate, however, thought my being done with diapers on adults was also going to mean no more babies.

                          One of the few people I had to block on anything was a "friend" that just wanted to use me to roleplay and draw NSFW stuff and would always pressure me to do it, but the moment I actually wanted to talk to him, he was "distracted". Put up with him way too long and he's one of the big reasons I'm wary of furries overall. So I guess that goes to show you that no matter how many times you tell someone NO, there will be that one guy every now and again...

                          Oh, if you don't tag, isn't that a double-edged sword because nobody can find your work by searches either? Kinda thought that was the whole point of tags and keywords in the first place, blacklist options are just an added functionality that could work with them.

                          Eh, I'll worry about that when I reach that point. I don't think any "lol the skunk farted" art I have would really appeal to fetishists because it's all super tame cartoon stuff. Even 1990s Nickelodeon was edgier than I am. Tbh I don't think it will be a big issue, I'm just used to DA and that site has some weird people on it. Does Weasyl allow you to disable comments on submissions? I've done that a handful of times on DA, for various reasons over the years.

                          Ah, that makes sense, I kinda figured that's what it was for! Quick, hide the porn! Admittedly I'm pretty reserved and modest and maybe even a tad prudish by some definitions, but I have been browsing with it off because there is some good art that's marked as "mature" that probably doesn't need it and the artists are playing it safe, or it's like your adorable critters eating each other so it's mature for violence/gore rather than sexual content, and I'd hate to miss out on something because of that. As long as I keep "explicit" hidden, I'm good.

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                            Just lettin' ya know I'll [hopefully] come back to this later. XD I typed too much an now my hand hurts.

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                              Gotcha, take your time. I'm a wordy bastard and I know it can get overwhelming.