March Update 2019 by SilverSheep

I've got a new boyfriend! He's Lexy (lexythedeer) on FA. I've been hunting this deer for a while now. I took a trip to Melbourne in February and we had our birthdays together. I loved spending time with Lexy so we decided to do a thing and start dating. I wanted a man in my life for a while so it's great to snag one.

Braxton is still being made into a fursuit. My maker has contacted me and said if I get my DTD in before the end of the month there's a chance I can have the full suit ready before FurDU. I'm hoping that's the case I want to be a fursuiter. Braxton will be good for me a new foxy side of my personality.

In art news, I've got a few pieces on the way. A piece from Muttasaur with Wenzel Bardawulf and Braxton. A piece from Toxi De Vyne that's a clothing reference for Wenzel Bardawulf. Another piece I'm excited about is a YCH I nabbed with a few others from Holiday AKA Wolfmawler on Twitter. It's a purely adult piece so a can't describe it here but it's going to be great.

I'm gearing up for FurDU 2019. In the meantime, I'm doing Ironfest in Lithgow as my next furry weekend event. I'm looking forward to FurDU so much because It's going to be my fursuiting debut and I get to see my boyfriend Lexy again.

March Update 2019


2 March 2019 at 04:55:27 MST

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