Brickbusters: Vivid Dealer System by Dreamkeepers

You’re about to become a walking zero-overhead comic store. But first-

Have you ever tried to fix something, and been punished for it?

Once as a toddler, I overheard Mom & Dad talking about how their bedroom door was broken. Being a precocious tot, I knew glue fixes things. So I bobbled over to the glue, then turned my attentions to the door itself. The big wooden part looked fine. That narrowed the issue down to the little metal bits. So I went to work gluing up the hinges to fix the door.

Fast forward a few decades, and I’m still as helpful as ever. Until recently, I entertained notions for fixing the broken Diamond-monopolized comic retail industry. (links at the bottom for those interested.)

Not anymore!

It turns out comic shops don’t want to be fixed. News broke that a gaggle of store owners were conspiring to keep popular crowdfunding-market books out of their stores, blocking access for interested readers.

Well then.

They can fix themselves, and I wish them all the best in that endeavor.

Freed from brick-centric preconceptions, I see a clear solution to making the comic market click:


Readers fuel our growth. You’re the ones sharing and bringing new readers to Dreamkeepers. Why shouldn’t you profit from it?

Let’s try that out.

Vivid Publishing is officially launching a Dealer system.

It’s clean ‘n simple. Once you’re a dealer, Vivid will give you a coupon code, like “SIMPLE.” Customers using your code will save 5% at checkout. We can track those sales, and then Vivid Publishing pays you, just as though you were a store.

Check out the sales commissions on our dealer page. A solid dealer can make bank.

Dealers never even need to handle inventory. You can share your dealer code online, in person with our QR-enable business cards, at conventions, table or no table. Close sales anywhere. You don’t even need to rent retail space- unless you really want to.

In fact, store owners are welcome to join the action! Order in bulk, and a retailer discount is automatically applied to the cart. While Diamond requires you to place a $425 minimum order, you can buy just 5 of an item from Vivid and you’re immediately in the game.

Dealer codes and bulk sales are all integrated with the brand new Vivid store:

Plus Volume 2s and 3s are back in stock, at long last! Customers, ask around to see if you know a dealer before purchasing, if so, you’ll save 5%.

If you want to be a Vivid Dealer, e-mail us. Prospective dealers with an established audience or sales experience, we’ll issue you a code. Anyone else, I’ll ask you to buy a bulk order of five Volume 1s and sell those first, so I’m not pumping out a zillion dealer codes that never get used. Better three brilliant, motivated dealers than an army of entrepretenders.

Vivid has gone from nothing to one of the most successful crowdfunding comic publishers in the industry. We have the best stories. We’re getting into games. And we’re just getting started.

Let’s kick it up a notch together.

Old Ideas to fix comic distribution:

Comic shops conspiring to prevent readers and creators from connecting:

New Vivid Dealer system and online store:

Brickbusters: Vivid Dealer System


28 February 2019 at 15:21:25 MST

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