'sup by CosmicTrashbag

I'm new just made an account here and I have roughly 260-290 pics to slowly and meekly flood the site with.

but don't worry I'm lazy and procrastinate a lot so I'll probably forget to do anything oops



28 February 2019 at 05:11:48 MST

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    OH before flooding, I can suggest Postybirb so that you can schedule the post over time. Hopefully that would be able to ease the amount of work you'd have to do to move in, and also not spam the front page all at once. :)

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      I've seen postybirb before but I've never been sure on if I should use it. I'm using a chrome extension to crosspost from Fur Affinity with some edits to the description and additional tags, seeing as the crossposting does most of the info-input too so I don't have to retype/copy and paste.
      I've been thinking of just uploading 3-10 pieces a day and a bit earlier in my timezone as I'm UK-based and I know a majority of site users usually seem to be more in the US than my timezone so it'd be less noticed by the larger userbase, though I never planned on doing them in a huge block anyway more a couple of hours apart anyway.

      But I will take another look at Postybirb to see what it offers in terms of editing things before they're crossposted/posted/how it actually works haha and go from there. Though I suppose I'm also not a big fan of having the "Posted with Postybirb" thing on my works either. Not sure why it's just unappealing even though I fully understand why it's there

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        You can turn "Posted with postybirb" off. And the Editing on postybirb also includes converting code for each site automatically. Write in BB code like on FA, and it'll auto convert code that's different between sites such as how Weasyl and DeviantArt use html.

        If you have something that's already like... uh... just merge/copying from your FA you can look into Postybirb for later then for when managing when you're all caught up.

        3-10 pieces a day ain't bad. 3 at a time is pretty nice and pread out in the day batches of 3. That's how I did it since Weasyl shows the last 3 on frontpage you uploaded, but all of them via browse. The art would reach out to more people in batches of 3 until it moves down the newest feed.

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          Oooh I didn't know that, I kinda assumed it was mandatory on account of it being free so it ensured the program being spread about, though interesting to know.

          Yeah, I've also skipped over a portion of my old art anyway including all my fics so I'm lessening the amount anyway. 3 pics, 3 times a day doesn't sound a bad way to do it either but it all depends on if I even remember or not, I procrastinate a lot and have a habit of getting distracted easily anyway haha.

          But yeah, I'm definitely not planning on tanking weasyl's servers with 100 pics in a day or anything and I'll definitely give postybirb a try once I've caught up with submissions to make future uploads smoother.

          Thank you for the suggestion!